Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard Review

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Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard Review

RAZER has released it’s latest and greatest edition of one of it’s most popular products, the Blackwidow Ultimate.  This keyboard was made with the clumsy gamer in mind.

Once again we find ourselves at a time where hardware companies are battling it out with one another to reign supreme in their field.  This is great for us, the consumer.  We want options.  We want to be overwhelmed with choices.  We want to decide what keyboard is best for us while keeping in mind our gaming needs and lifestyle.  This is where the newest RAZER Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard enters the arena.

Yes, there is an older, preexisting Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard that came out a few years ago.  What we have here is the upgraded version of it.  What was/is wrong with the older version?  Absolutely nothing!  This is why many of you who are reading this post right now are still using your Blackwidow keyboard.  Do you need to upgrade right this second?  No.  Are you going to want to?  Absolutely.  This is why…

It is because the keyboard is IP54 Certified.  Unless you’re a nerd, you really don’t know what that means, which is why I’m here to help you out.  The Ingress Protection or IP rating of a product is the measure of how well an electronic device is sealed again solids (first number) and liquids (second number).  The higher the numbers, the greater the level of protection.  So the new RAZER Blackwidow Ultimate has is an IP54 meaning that it is protected from dust and is water resistant.  This was the max test performed by RAZER.  You will not have to worry about an dust hindering your keys at all.  No longer must you keep your room clean, and windows closed.  Let the dust bunnies sail across your room without the worry of them thwarting your gaming experience.  The Blackwidow Ultimate is also water resistant.  Do you drink soda or enjoy an adult beverage while getting your game on?  Have you ever spilled either on your keyboard?  It’s awful.  You have to quickly take the keys off and do your best to remove all the liquid before it ruins everything, all while freaking out.  I’ve been there, you’ve been there, it just isn’t pretty.  With the RAZER Blackwidow Ultimate, you need not concern yourself any longer.   

Now a while back I did a write-up on a similar keyboard by Logitech that was also water/dust resistant, but there is a HUGE difference between the two of these.  Remember earlier when I mentioned that we get to pick the gaming hardware best suited to our particular style?  Well, this one is best suited for me as it is a mechanical keyboard using the ever so popular Razer Green Switches.  The Logitech I reviewed a while back had a soft, membrane key which is great but isn’t my cup of tea while gaming in the long run.  It does serve it’s purpose though.

The backlit RAZER Green Switches are one of the three styles of switches that RAZER has developed.  The other two being the Orange and the Yellow switches.  We aren’t going to focus on those today.  The GREEN Switch is a light switch with a high actuation point.  This allows your hands to glide across the keys, accurately pressing each and every key you intend on pressing.    The Green Switch has the highest actuation point and feels great under your fingers. 

Remember when I mentioned earlier that we are at a time where you can pick the product that is perfect for your needs?  Well here’s why that’s important.  The Green switches are incredibly tactile and relatively loud.  These are the loudest of the RAZER developed switches.  This is important to know.  Not all mechanical switches are made the same.  Some are loud, some are quiet, some are stiff, some are soft.  It’s all personal preference.  The RAZER Green switches are my preference.  Now, if you are a relatively new streamer who hasn’t properly worked out the noise-gate on your recording devices you will hear this keyboard.  There is no doubt.  A great feature that is 100% necessary for any gamer is the RAZER Blackwidow Ultimate‘s 10-key anti-ghosting, which means you can throw ten commands at it at one time with each one registering. 

As with any RAZER product, you will want to download the RAZER Synapse Gaming Software from their site in order to get the most out of your keyboard.  Using the software, you are able to customize your gaming profiles, macros and lighting effects.  It also has a cool feature where after your gaming session, the software creates a report showing how long you were playing for and a count of keystrokes while putting together a cool heatmap showing how often you press each particular key.  Is this something you need to know?  No.  Is this something that’s cool to know?  Hell yeah! 

Now, this is where it’s important to have a preference or some sort of brand loyalty.  If you are using a keyboard by RAZER, a mouse by Steelseries and a headset by Logitech you will literally need to download the gaming software from all three companies in order to use each piece of equipment properly.  Can it be done?  Sure, but it’s a little silly. Just know that they all might not play nicely with each other.

That said, I love this keyboard. It is super slick looking and feels amazing under the fingertips.  While it isn’t a brand new keyboard, it is certainly an upgrade from the previous RAZER Blackwidow that was released a few years back.  The last great feature of this keyboard is the price.  You can have it at your door in two days for under $100!  All you have to do is click here and I’ll be waiting for my Thank You letter.