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Quick Product Update – Powerball: Gamer

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Quick Product Update – Powerball: Gamer

This update is going to be super short and sweet. I promise.

It’s been more than two weeks since my last post about the “Powerball: Gamer” and I must say that I am completely in love with it! It hasn’t made me a better gamer, per say, but it has definitely improved my circulation and grip. Both were problems I was beginning to struggle with since I started to sit in front of a PC and console for longer periods of time.

I was truly hesitant in my initial post about whether or not the device would work. The first few days I felt like it would fly right out of hand! And I can’t forget about the sore feeling I got the very first time I used it. But since then, it’s been smooth sailing.

I’m going to continually use it and see how well this progress continues. But overall, it’s been a pretty good workout for my arms and if I’m able to tone them up a bit with continual use then that’s not a bad thing.

Visit Powerball: Gamer’s website for more details as well as how to buy this promising product.