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Sleeping Dogs Video Preview

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Sleeping Dogs Video Preview

Sleeping Dogs was a game I first encountered while at PAX and loved it. The game promises a cohesive mix of combat inspired from the Batman Arkham games, third person cover shooting, action packed driving and light parkour in an open world framed as a John Woo inspired Hong Kong Action movie.  In it, you play as an undercover cop,  Wei Shen, trying to infiltrate the Triad, walking a thin line between serve and protect, and cutthroat criminal.

In this gameplay preview, Wei risks his cover to investigate the murder of one of the fellow gang members he befriended, only to discover there’s more to this crime than what he initially thought. Sleeping Dogs has the potential of being a sleeper hit of 2012 and for those looking for that open world fix until GTA 5 comes out, you should definitely consider pre-ordering this game!

For more videos about Sleeping Dogs, check out Square Enix’s YouTube page for more.

Platform: XB360, PS3  | Publisher: Square Enix.| Developer: United Fronts Games, Square Enix London| Category: Open World Action
Release Date: April 14, 2012