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Powerball: Gamer – Does It Really Work?

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Powerball: Gamer – Does It Really Work?

Often times, I find myself shocked by what I find whenever I stray off the main path. In between E3 meetings, I found myself wandering to the far corners of the E3 floor. Without even knowing, I eventually came across a bunch of workout equipment. This wasn’t hooked up to any console but, of course, my boyfriend had to try it. What caught his attention was this light up gyroscope, that you hold in one hand and exercise with in a circular motion while this tiny ball provides an intense resistance against your arm.

At first, when I got it in my hands, it felt like this thing was going to fly right out of my hands but luckily it didn’t. Could you imagine if it had? That might have been some incredible damage I could have have caused! But long story short, I took it home to try it out and to see if I should recommend this weird gizmo to you guys.

The actual product’s name is the “Powerball: Gamer” and according to the packaging it’s meant to:

  • Strengthen – Arm, wrist, hand & grip
  • Competition – Increase endurance for extreme gaming
  • Coordination – Improve dexterity for high level gaming
  • Rehabilitation – Aids in the prevention of hand & shoulder injuries

So far, all of that sounds good to me. I’m currently spending about 12 or more hours either writing code or articles in front of a computer. And then, I spent about two to four additional hours gaming. You can only imagine how tired my hands and wrists get after awhile. Sometimes, I give up on the controller altogether and just pick up a mic and play “Lips” or “Rock Band”.

But this might change all that, so, last night I began my very first exercise routine with the “Powerball”.

I only used it for about 5 minutes, alternating between my two hands and even trying a couple of the workouts included in the DVD that came with the ball.

The next day, my left hand was sore.

I won’t cut it out yet. This might be proof that my left hand is really out of shape. This might be normal since I bet the ball is making my left arm use muscles I hardly ever think about making it use. So, I’m taking a break for three days to see if the soreness subsides. If it does, then I’ll continue my workout regime.

If it doesn’t, then we have some serious issues here.

Let’s see what happens!

In the meantime, check out the YouTube video below to learn more about the “Powerball: Gamer”.