Polk Unveils Striker Pro Headsets at E3

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Polk Unveils Striker Pro Headsets at E3


Polk, a company with over 40 years of audio experience, tossed their hat into the arena of gaming headsets not too long ago. We liked what we saw when we reviewed the Polk 4 Shot, a headset made for the Xbox One. For those looking for a cheaper option, they released the Striker headsets soon after. After some time on the field with both units, they took the best qualities of both headsets and pushed the quality even further with their new Striker Pro headsets, targeting Xbox One, PS4, PC and mobile gamers. They even unveiled a special edition headset to celebrate the new Hitman game, the Striker Pro: Hitman Contract Edition. Let’s dive deeper in the new products we at Polk during E3 2015.


The new Striker Pro comes mainly in two variants. An Xbox One version in the form of the Striker Pro Zx comes with a custom made headset adapter for connection to your controller. Meanwhile, the Playstation 4 compatible equivalent is plug and play and is called the Striker Pro P1. Both of these headsets are actually multi-platform, supporting the Wii U, PC, Mac, and smart devices. Each will come with three swappable cables: a mobile cable with in-line mic and controller, a dual-jack console controller cable and a 3-meter long cable for use with PC. The dual-jack cabling combats distracting cross talk to improve overall chat clarity.

Striker Pro Zx

Striker Pro P1

Each of the Striker Pro units will use the latest in Polk’s audio engineering, utilizing Polk patented technology. Polk Optimized Electro-Acoustic Tuning (POET) and Dynamic Balance will power the music through 40 mm drivers. The boom mic is flexible and removable and will house an onboard mute button. Meanwhile, the ear cups swivel flat to further accommodate portability and usage on the go.

Striker Pro: Hitman Contract Edition


As an extra bonus, on June 17 Polk announced and showcased their limited edition headset to celebrate the Hitman franchise. The Striker Pro: Hitman Contract Edition headset will mirror the PS4-centric Striker Pro P1 in specs and make. However Polk states that it will be usable on the Xbox One through their newly announced Xbox One Elite controller. The Striker Pro: Hitman Contract Edition will sport a Hitman-esque color scheme with a barcode on the headband and uniquely serialized numbering on the inside of each unit’s ear cup. The headset even buffs up the Hitman hype by being packaged in a mock Hitman suitcase, just like the one he keeps his ballers in.

Gamers and Hitman fans alike won’t have to wait long to get their hands on any of these Striker Pro headsets. Available in September 2015, the Striker Pro P1 and Striker Pro: Hitman Contract Edition will go for $129 while the Striker Pro Zx will go for $149. Check out these products for yourself by either clicking the links on the names or by browsing PolkAudio.com.