Plantronics RIG 600LX Review

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Plantronics RIG 600LX Review

I’ve personally reviewed a lot of gaming headsets and headphones, so how do the Plantronics 600LX stand up to their competitors?

Plantronics has been in the consumer electronics business since the early 60’s.  That’s nearly 60 years perfecting their art in a competitive field.  Headsets, especially for gaming, are almost a dime-a-dozen with a new one coming out every week.  Because of this, it is getting tougher and tougher to stand up in the market. However, that isn’t stopping Plantronics.

Alright, enough teasing you guys, I know you didn’t mosey on over here to listen to me ramble on.  The Plantronics RIG 600LX is one of the best headsets I’ve had the honor of reviewing.  Hands down.

“But why”, you ask?  Well listen here…If you are looking for frills like LED’s, or incredibly large, oversized ear-cups, you aren’t going to find it with the Plantronics 600LX.  What you will find is one of the most accessible headsets on the market.  Whether you are using them to play Battlefield 1 on your Xbox, or rocking out to the latest GHOST album on your iPhone you are going to be pleased with the Plantronics RIG 600LX.

Alright nerds, let’s get into the specifics.  The simple design includes perfectly sized 40mm drivers with bass tubes.  This allows for rich sounds to be heard as they were meant to be. The over-ear, memory foam ear-cups allow for comfort and noise isolation.  You won’t be distracted by the world around you while you are trying to get your game on.  The removable mic is a nice touch as this allows you to use these as standard headphones with any device housing a 3.5mm audio jack (sorry new iPhone users).  Plantronics also introduced a new mixamp specifically for the Xbox One.

Time to get rid of the legacy mixamp Microsoft gave to you.  Plantronics is giving you the opportunity to listen to your game the way you want to with the brand new LX1 Amp.  It includes the ability to toggle between three EQ Modes and a quick mic mute button when someone is trying to interrupt your epic battle.  The master control in the center allows for you to adjust your sounds on the fly, while the lower wheel lets you adjust the game and chat balance.  An added bonus with the LX1 Amp is the aux input for listening to your tunes.  A lot of attention was paid to this device which is boxed with the Plantronics RIG 600LX.

Time to discuss my absolute favorite thing about this headset…DOLBY Atmos!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dolby Atmos, it is the latest and greatest technology when it comes to how we hear sounds. Dolby Atmos is an immersive technology allowing for 3D sounds.  This means you can hear sounds from all directions while incorporating depth and position.  It is one thing to know the enemy’s footsteps are coming from the right, it is something else to know that they are coming from the right and are only a few feet away.  All the state-of-the-art movie theaters are incorporating Dolby Atmos, simply because it is badass and that technology can now be harnessed by your Xbox without investing in 10’s of thousands of dollars in sound equipment.  Every Plantronics RIG 600LX has a pre-paid activation code included for you to upgrade your Xbox sound system to allow for Dolby Atmos.  This will also work for your Windows 10 Compatible devices.

What’s included?  Plantronics want you to get the most out of your purchase of the RIG 600LX.  Aside from the well-designed headset itself and removable mic, they are tossing in an inline mic with controls that will let you take and end phone calls without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket. Plantronics is spoiling us with this headset.

Now, these are a lot of features being packed into one box.  What is this package going to run you?  Time to let out a sigh of relief because the Plantronics RIG 600LX is only $129.99.  Honestly, for the quality, they could ask a bit more for these.  I’ve reviewed higher priced headsets that weren’t as nice as the Plantronics RIG 600LX.  You may want to pick them up soon before Plantronics realizes that they are asking far too little for these.  You can order them now from Plantronics by clicking here.  Wasn’t that easy?

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