Pax West: Fixture S1 Stand, Grip & Case Review (Nintendo Switch)

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Pax West: Fixture S1 Stand, Grip & Case Review (Nintendo Switch)

Whenever I review a controller, a game genre that I never forget to try it on is “fighting”. I love fighting games and the Nintendo Switch offers a solid means of playing fighting games on the go, given the system’s portability. Yet, playing fighting games using those Joy-Cons leaves a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to traditional special move inputs. However, what if you can use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with your Nintendo Switch on the go, without needing a surface to rest your system on? Here is where Fixture Gaming’s Fixture S1 Grip and Stand comes in.

The Fixture S1

The Fixture S1 offers a very direct and effective solution to comfortable and ergonomic gaming on the go. Designed to clasp onto a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, the grip clasps onto the controller without covering any of buttons, bumpers or triggers. You just remove any attached Joy-Cons from the base console, and then slide the console into the brackets connected to the grip. The Fixture S1 features two hinges, allowing for a wide assortment of screen positioning and viewing angles. Simply adjust the console in a manner that feels comfortable to you and enjoy traditional controller gaming in the palm of your hands.

However, if you are playing near a tabletop surface, the Fixture S1 can also offer a tabletop gaming solution. The portion of the Fixture S1 that grips your controller doubles as the base of a stand. You can sit your Nintendo Switch on a surface and continue to enjoy the Fixture S1’s wide range of viewing angles. This is perfect for gaming with nearby friends who are also armed with wireless controllers of their own.

At first, the combination of the Fixture S1 while connected to the Nintendo Switch and a controller seems a little weighty for long-term gaming sessions. However, the Fixture S1’s flexibility allows you to arrange the screen placement in manner that friendly to both your hands and wrists. Whether you are sitting upright, reclined back in a lazy boy, or simply laying down, you are bound to find a layout that allows for long-term comfort. Most importantly, the grips on both the controller and console are considerably secure. Each of the hinges are also quite strong, ensuring that any adjustments you make to arm and screen placements always stay in place.

It should be emphasized that the Fixture S1 grip is specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. So, if you are as adventurous as I was, you may experience issues if you try the grip with other controller brands. Here, I used the grip on the Nyko Wireless Core Controller. Through no fault of its own, the Fixture S1 clamped on this controller’s bumpers. However, I was still able to enjoy using the grip in classic games that did not utilize the bumpers. The Nintendo Switch port of SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium was such a game.

Of course, if you plan to use the Fixture S1 as a stand, it does not matter which controller you use. Just find a comfortable setting, order a drink and game away.

My envelope-pushing with the Fixture S1 did not stop there. I was sure I could find another non-Nintendo-branded controller that would fit the grip. As luck would have it, the new GameSir T4 Mini, which I was also reviewing at the time, is such a controller. The grip fits snug with the controller, without obstructing any of the buttons. Just like that, I was able to enjoy the kind of crisp controls in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that I would never get from the Joy-Cons.  

At $34.99, the Fixture S1 offers a solid and noticeably more comfortable alternative to playing with the Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons. Its flexibility allows for comfortable gaming at virtually any viewing angle. As a stand, you get considerably more viewing angles than you would from the Nintendo Switch’s built-in stand. It is simply a practical solution that gets the job done.

Check out the Fixture S1 for yourself by clicking here.

The Fixture S1 Case

If you like the setup of the Fixture S1 and you are curious about a way of toting your new controller combo around, Fixture Gaming has you covered. Capitalizing on the flexibility of the Fixture S1, the Fixture S1 Case cleanly houses your Fixture S1, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. You can fold the setup into a compact form that fits into the case. The case also has pockets for Nintendo Switch cartridges and a compartment for more accessories.

If you already have a Fixture S1, you can add the Fixture S1 Case to your arsenal for $24.99. You can check out the Fixture S1 Case for yourself by clicking here.

If you are looking to nab both the Fixture S1 and Fixture S1 Case in one go, you can buy the Fixture S1 Bundle for $54.99 by clicking here.

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