Pax South 2015 Indie Game Spotlight: Texas Twist Poker

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Pax South 2015: Texas Twist Poker
Pax South 2015: Texas Twist Poker
Pax South 2015: Texas Twist Poker

It was only natural that we found our way to the poker table during Pax South. Texas Twist™ Poker will change the way you typically think about playing poker. It’s not played with chips and cards on a traditional poker table. Instead, Texas Twist Poker is a mobile puzzle game where players try to get the best poker hand while navigating through a cube. While this might sound simple enough, for every move you make there is a twist that happens that alters the cube and could potentially alter the hand that you might be planning. Sure, it may sound a little odd but we assure you that Texas Twist Poker is an innovative way to reinvigorate the how we play poker.

Check out the Texas Twist Poker Gameplay video below to see what we mean…

Right now, if you’re interested in experiencing Texas Twist Poker for yourself, we suggest you sign up for the beta right here.

Texas Twist Poker features…†

  • Four Game Modes
    Play the House in Solo Mode. Challenge your friend to beat your hand in turn-based Dare Mode. Bet on every twist and turn in real-time Duel Mode. Learn to think and play in 3 dimensions in Ace Chase.
  • Daily Bonus Chips
    Add chips to your stack on each new visit of the day
  • Free to Play
    Never run out of chips in Solo Play
  • Replay Sharing
    Watch the greatest and worst hands of all-time, and post your favorite moments to Everyplay
  • Musical Choice
    Pick from 5 different genres of dynamic music
  • Multi-Lingual
    Pick from 12 languages from around the globe
  • Achievements
    Earn achievements with unique gameplay
  • Leaderboards
    Rise to the top of the pack in weekly leaderboards
  • Challenge
    Friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter

†Source: Texas Twist Poker Official Site