Pax South 2015 Indie Game Spotlight: Raising Hell

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Pax South 2015: Raising Hell

Pax South 2015: Raising Hell

Continuing our tour around the Pax South Expo Hall, we find ourselves playing the devil trying to get out of hell in a game called Raising Hell.

Hell is freezing over and you need to get out. You play as Damian. Teleport, slice angels and demons, shoot bazookas, and generally raise hell!†

In this flagship game from Mish Mash Machine, we found ourselves another addictive gem. Simply tapping on the screen you control Damian, who can heal, shield or pick up various weapons to fight against the heavenly forces in hell. While it may sound easy, you can only imagine how hard these heavenly angels work to ensure that you stay in Hell. It is up to you to tap your way through the various levels while dodging their attacks and in essence raising hell before it freezes over.

 More About Raising Hell Developer:
Mish Mash Machine

From humble beginnings at the 2014 Global Game Jam in Dallas, TX, Mish Mash Machine began with a simple goal: create a family of like-minded, passionate game creators who want to create and inspire the community.

Our vision is to create world-class games for world-class gamers.†



†Source: Raising Hell Official Website