Pax South 2015 Indie Game Highlight: Klaus

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Pax South Indie Highlight: Klaus

Pax South Indie Highlight: Klaus

Wandering through the Expo Hall of Pax South, we came across the 2D platformer/puzzle game called Klaus currently being developed by the folks at La Cosa. We got a chance to sit down and play with this unique platformer that is coming soon to the PS4 and Playstation Vita.

The demo we played through began with us playing as someone who couldn’t remember who they were or where they are. They awaken in what looks like a lab. We then began to make our way through the lab, learning the gameplay controls while avoiding the dangerous pitfalls throughout the lab. With every new move, we learn a little bit more about our amnesia afflicted character and ultimately realize that he is from Quality Assurance and is one of many prototypes. Klaus left us wondering what happened to all those other prototypes. Why did he remember that he was in Quality Assurance? And who created him and all the others?

Klaus clearly had us hooked during Pax South, and we hope that it will hook you once the game is released to PS4 and Playstation Vita later this year.

More about the Klaus developer: La Cosa

“La Cosa” is formed by a group of developers specialized on design services and videogame production. It was founded in 2012 after the success with the award for excellence in the “Square-Enix Latin Contest 2012” for Klaus.†

†Source: La Cosa’s Official Website