Pax South 2015 Indie Game Highlight: Adventures of Pip

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Pax South 2015: Adventures of Pip

Pax South 2015: Adventures of Pip

As you can tell, Pax South was filled with Indie darlings. Today, let us introduce you to a game we actually loved during Pax Prime but totally dropped the ball on sharing: it’s Adventures of Pip.

You play as Pip, an unlikely 1-pixel hero in a 32-bit world. Given the unique ability to absorb the pixels of his defeated enemies, Pip will have to master three different forms to solve devious puzzles, defeat the Skeleton Queen’s evil minions, and rescue the kidnapped princess.†

You play as Pip who has the unique ability to convert his body from 1-pixel all the way to 32-bit. His special pixel ability allows him to traverse throughout the world in a unique way. Additionally, this alters the platforming aspect of Adventures of Pip a bit. Sure you have to worry about navigating and making the jumps throughout the game but you’ll also have to learn when it would be most useful to switch between the different pixel versions of Pip. It’s yet another addictive platformer that we are looking forward to after seeing it again at Pax South.

This adorable platformer is now fully funded through Kickstarter and will be headed to PC, Mac OS X, and Wii U later this year. The team that is currently working on Adventures of Pip have also worked on Contra 4, BloodRayne: Betrayal, Ratchet & Clank: Going MobileDuckTales Remastered, and more.

More about Adventures of Pip Developer:
TicToc Games

TicToc Games has been making games for decades but always for someone else. With lots of great platforming titles, collectively, under their belts, it was their turn to get our their original title out there! The team is made of a lot of alumni, all from great companies like WayForward, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Sony. They also have some of the best animators in the industry, hailing from the great CalArts institute, that have amazing attention to detail and wild, vivid imaginations.


†Source: TicToc Games Press Release