Pax Prime 2015: Tumblestone Developer Interview

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Pax Prime 2015: Tumblestone Developer Interview


Pax Prime never lacks in the game discovery department. Today, we share our brief interview with Ty Taylor the Game Designer working on Tumblestone during Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Pre-Pax Event. Tumblestone is an addictive puzzle game that is unlike any other. At first glance, you might feel like this is a run-of-the-mill competitive puzzle fighting game but as you play you realize that Tumblestone is drastically different.  Tumblestone goes beyond other match-3 games and actually makes the player think about their moves more cautiously. Not only do you have to be faster than your opponent but you’ll have to figure out the puzzle faster than them as well.

In our exclusive interview, Ty dives into how he was about to reinvigorate the match-3 genre by stripping away the tropes associated with games similar games like Candy Crush where players just scan over the boards looking for matches of three. In doing so, Ty creates a very cerebral experience with Tumblestone. Players need to clear the board in order to win the game by matching colored blocks. However, as you clear away blocks you need to think a step ahead. Players need to ensure that after they clear their blocks that they are able to clear subsequent pattern of blocks. It places players into a chess type of mindset as they play.

At launch Tumblestone will have one main multiplayer mode called Puzzle Race which contains Elimination. This is a classic mode where players drop things on each other to stall them as they try to solve the puzzle. There is also a story mode with 15 hours of gameplay. Something unheard of for puzzle games these days. But it doesn’t stop there, there are three arcade modes with leaderboards. Players can play to complete various challenges while each player has their own XP and levels and level up while playing against others and completing the challenges.

Inspired by Peggle, Ty reveals that the artist behind the art for Tumblestone felt like the audiences would be similar and wanted to recreate something in the vain of cutesy while staying vibrant. All the playable characters are Kings and Queens with their own personalities, like “The King”, the Goblin King, and the Sausage King of Chicago to name a few.

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