PAX Prime 2015: Armello

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PAX Prime 2015: Armello


Pax Prime 2015 was full of so many awesome games that I couldn’t get around to try them all! I was invited to check out Armello by League of Geeks, and spoke to LoG director/lead writer Trent Kusters, who went into great detail about how amazing the game can be. Armello is a four-player fantasy digital board game that utilizes strategy using cards, dice and tactical positioning (Currently available for Steam). Armello follows a kingdom in peril and four animal clans fight over the throne of a the current king who’s “infected” with the Rot, a certain dark magic that haunts the land and overtakes anything or anyone in it’s path.

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You play as a hero from four clans, Bear, Rat, Hare, or Wolf clans, to traverse the land of Armello with the ultimate goal in mind: become the King/Queen of Armello. This digital board game has many ways to achieve victory through quests, vanquishing foes, devising traps, or even follow the mad King’s orders. You can engage in battles with other players to hinder their progress as you all fight for Prestige (the game-winning currency). As you collect cards and rolling your beautifully customized dice, you will find yourself one step closer to victory but be wary of your opponents.

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The art style is simply breathtaking for such an immersive digital board game. The characters come to life fluidly as they move through the board and in battles. I was drawn to the Bear Clan’s Sana the Forest Sister (I love bears and greenery), playing as her gave me many spell options as well as the ability to use the terrain to my advantage. The music also entrances you in to this living, breathing, high fantasy world.  Every character has their perks, so you must work to their strengths to survive this chaotic land. As I experienced in my playthrough, the game is simple enough to understand the core basics, but the level of complexity will always bring you back for more.

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I love me some good tabletop gaming, and League of Geeks really have brought something to the table that will capture gamers’ hearts. Playing it at Pax Prime was truly a highlight of my weekend. From the beautifully stylized boards to the high quality soundtrack, Armello really is an essential piece to any gamer’s library who’s itching for a good tabletop experience. Looking forward to many battles and experiences to come across with my good pals in this magical game.

Armello is now available on PS4 and Steam, so go grab it now and enjoy something truly unique with your comrades.

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