The Rewind: Pax Prime 2014 Behemoth Interview

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Pax Prime 2014: Behemoth


It would have to be something that was balanced and…interesting….(aside: Clearly, the thought never occurred to Behemoth just yet).

Because simply going off of everything you’ve told us so far, I can see this game expanding beyond whatever ends up being the initial release.

It’s interesting because in the past everything was so integrated but as far as moving around in the world map and having just new teams with new guys. Yea, I think this is definitely possible.

We do try to make the world always surprising like even right now there’s only a handful of these World Maps. They started out really small and Dan kept coming up to me and saying let’s try to make it bigger. I’ll go OK. Dan did that to me like three times so I’m like this is a ginormous world. It’s always changing because of the bear blood that’s changing th the way everything is situated and Dan is getting lost.

I mean Dan is living this game right now.

This is his baby and he is still getting lost in the world. The more the merrier when it comes to new places to go and new units to see, there’s going to be alot of surprises regardless. And hopefully, if I’m doing my job as a quest designer I would be surprising you every time you leave the city. You’ll be finding yourself in places you would never have expected. I want to make sure that my quests don’t feel like quests that you might run into in any game that wasn’t a Behemoth game.

It has to really feel like something that was all about our sensibility. Our sense of humor.