The Rewind: Pax Prime 2014 Behemoth Interview

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Pax Prime 2014: Behemoth

But if you go further in, you can pursue all kinds of strategies that are more nuanced. You can have an army of zombies and then have a robot so you can position your robot a couple of steps away. Instead of stunning, you’ll shoot chain lightning that will arc through enemies, including your zombies, and you can even shoot them through your zombies and then hit a guy that’s standing in water on other side and do bonus damage through the electricity, right.

There’s definitely a lot going on under the hood but the interface, the control scheme on the cabinet is like just one giant green button and a lever.


It’s definitely simple. It’s just that we don’t waste your time with a bunch of extra details that can be conveyed other ways. Like having to worry to get your team out a certain way or positioning your guys a certain way. That’s why everything plays out on a hex-grid instead of squares because that gives you many more options with movement and surrounding people or getting surrounded.

You really have to think about it because it’s random who the guy is going to attack.

So if you’re standing and you have a wounded guy, you want to have him next to one of your other guys because that will randomize the attack between those two guys. There’s definitely things to think about as you are going through.

I was definitely playing through with my own mindset of how I usually play these types of games. Then trying to position my guys so that they can hit the enemies back so that they could do more damage. But playing through, I was realizing Game 4 wasn’t playing like that


There’s definitely a bit of a mental gear switch that you have to make if you are a genre fan. It’s been really great getting feedback from people during the show. We weren’t sure how action gamers, our core fan base traditionally, are going to respond to something so different but also hard core strategy gamers they like that minutia.

I get it. I’m a table top gamer so I understand when there’s a mech warrior style, I have four banks of lasers and then I’ve got heat syncs and things that I have to manage. There’s alot of detail that they like in those games and hopefully we have enough to chew on but in different ways.

Just in how you manage your teams and in all the different ways you can move people around. Like you noticed you had Yossef, the magical half cyclops with the axes and if you are right next to a guy he’ll do extra damage. But if you’re further way, not only can you throw over your buddy but he can stun better. So, it’s just about making those kinds of decisions.