The Rewind: Pax Prime 2014 Behemoth Interview

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Pax Prime 2014: Behemoth

So, let’s talk game mechanics. It’s totally different from what we usually see from you guys. We’ve definitely played turn based strategy games before but haven’t seen one from Behemoth.

As have we. We are fans. Thankfully, Dan is totally omnivorous gamer who grew up on those kinds of games. I grew up on the Shining Force and even further back on the Commadore 64. The first games I remember were games like the old Gold Box Dungeons and Dragons games. We definitely are huge fans of the genre and we have the freedom to take on something new and we still want it to be accessible and fast. Say we sit down and play with anybody, we wanted to make it so you’ll be able to have fun pretty quickly. The way we did that was we cut out a lot of middle management steps.

So imagine, I got to get these guys and I want them to do a cool thing. I don’t want to have to go – here’s a guy, here’s an action for them to do, here’s a destination for them to move to, here’s the target then worry about which way they are facing. All this other minutia.

Instead it’s all about positioning. It’s all about the situational abilities and the inherent qualities of the units that’s you’ve choosen to use. So if you choose to use a balanced team, you can just throw them at the enemy team and, generally speaking,  you’ll be ok. In fact, I think the end of our demo says “I bet you did OK.” with little quotes at the end of it