The Rewind: Pax Prime 2014 Behemoth Interview

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Pax Prime 2014: Behemoth

I would love to talk about that.

There’s like little candy land kingdoms. There are spiders, centaur women, and robots, and the beginning of the game talks about the cosmic space bear whose blood rains upon the planet and creates new life that warps the world. It really is just one big excuse for us to do whatever we want.

Whatever makes us laugh.

If you want a bunch of gnomes protecting their trees from the company that wants to cut them down and then a SWAT team comes in, that could totally happen. You saw like Apache Helicopters shooting at Gingerbread Men, so anything is possible right? It’s definitely the same humor that we like to bring to all of our games. The fact that we’ve had Dan and Will, the lead artists and the lead voice actor for BattleBlock Theater, from the get-go has been huge.

Especially for me because now instead of designing puzzles and platforms in a platforming game, I’m now designing quests and Overworld Maps. Those quests have to follow the sensibilities that Dan and Will are putting into the game and it’s great tonally for me. I have something to follow so hopefully it feels like a single piece.

It did feel that way from what I played.