PAX Prime 2010 Round up

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PAX Prime 2010 Round up

So PAX Prime in Seattle this year is nearly over and we got a bunch of surprises this year from the show.

Duke Nukem Lives Again: After much rumor and speculation, Take 2 finally confirmed that Duke Nukem is alive and well in the hands of far more financially responsible developer, Gearbox! The title was playable on the show floor and is expected to be released in 2011.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath goes HD: The cult favorite Xbox adventure game gets a HD coat of paint, strangely as a Playstation Network exclusive, at least at launch. The maybe PSN exclusive remake is set to release around Easter 2011.

Valve Details Portal Coop and promises 3 big announcements for 2011: Portal 2’s standalone Coop game was playable for the first time. The game featured all the mind bending puzzles, clever wit, and frustration, all through the glory of split screen or online play. The coop game even features clever user tools like setting markers and waypoints to prevent people from screaming at eachother and pointing their nasty nacho fingers on your thousand dollar TV, or even worse not having anything to point at all, online. Valve also apparently has 3 other tricks for 2011 outside of Portal 2, Could it be the next chapter of Half Life, the rumored Defense of the Ancients RTS game, or something else, or all 3. Who knows, thats half the fun of course.

Sonic Colors Wii actually looks good?!?! The stuff from Sega’s latest attempt at making a good 3D Sonic game look promising. Gone are this terrible hub world, creepy story, and unnecessary gimmicks like swords and werewolves. What we get is quite possibly the Super Mario Galaxy of Sonic games. I am still being careful not to get over hyped, but keep you’re eyes peeled, this might be the Sonic game we have all been waiting for.