Nyko Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch – Review

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Nyko Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch – Review

With the Nintendo Switch being designed as a console for both the home and on-the-go, all kinds of accessories were produced to protect the $300 portable system. Right off the bat, you have to think about the safest way to bring your Nintendo Switch from point A to point B. However, once you get to your destination, you then have to wonder how much playing time you will actually have away from an outlet. Well, the people at Nyko put out a product that’s ready to tackle both issues at once. Let’s take a look at the Nyko Power Shell Case for the Nintendo Switch.


Starting with the protection, the Nyko Power Shell Case holds and protects the Nintendo Switch with a pair of connected Joy-Cons. Inside the case, it has a stand for the Nintendo Switch as well slots for taking along 12 game cartridges and 4 microSD cards. The stand has two leaning angles, with one being closer to 45 degrees and the other being somewhere around 70 degrees, for a more upright and straightforward lean. The Nyko Power Shell Case also comes with an adhesive screen protector, a case charging cable, and a screen cleaning cloth, which doubles as extra protection for the console’s screen when the case is closed.

As for the “power”, the Nyko Power Shell Case comes with a rechargeable 5000 mAh battery built into the case. On the inside of the case you have a USB-C cable that tucks in neatly around the edges of the case. When your Nintendo Switch is in the stand, the USB-C cable connects right into the bottom of the console, while being neatly stowed and out of the way. If you want to actually hold the Nintendo Switch in your hands to play, the USB-C cable can unravel from its stow-away grooves and extend out from the case, giving you close to two feet of cable slack.

The internal 5000 mAh battery takes about three hours to charge fully from 0% charge and can be charged whist the battery is powering the Nintendo Switch. Depending on how demanding your game playing may be, charging the Nyko Power Shell Case while it is charging your console will affect the length of time needed to bring the case’s battery back to 100%.

As far as protection goes, the Nyko Power Shell Case gives you back the confidence you were lacking when you thought about toting around an unprotected Nintendo Switch. On the inside, you have foam surfaces that hug the Nintendo Switch, restricting the console’s movement and keeping it snug and steady. The integrity of the case’s plastics appear ready to withstand casual the accidental drop or the jostling about in a suitcase or bag. The plastic shell certainly feels hard enough and it is calming to know that the analog sticks are safe and in a neutral position.

However, I would have liked the case to have a bit of “snap” to it when the case closed. The Nyko Power Shell Case closes very softly, with no real tactile indicator that the case is actually closed. Although, I was relieved once I tried to tug on each side to verify that the case was locked. Once shut, the case would only open if I pressed the “unlock” button, even if the corners stuck up ever so slightly.

When the Nyko Power Shell Case was open, propping up the Nintendo Switch on the stand was a breeze. Using either of the two angle choices, the console rested securely on the stand and was easy to finagle with whenever I had to reach for the screen. Each of the viewing angles seemed to handle any likely gaming arrangement, whether your head is facing the screen head-on, or if you are sitting somewhat over the console, like you might in an airplane seat. Also, each of the viewing angles played nicely with the USB-C charging cable, leaving you with a clean and compact on-the-go gaming setup.

Should you be on a plane, you are mostly likely going to refrain from using the Joy-Cons or other gamepads wirelessly. Being able to extend the cable out of its stow-away grooves allows you to continue to charge the console as you play with it outside of the case.

The Nyko Power Shell Case has indicators near the bottom-left of the case’s opening to show how much charge is remaining in the 5000 mAh battery. The case will intentionally not charge the Nintendo Switch if the case is closed. Notice that button on the inside of the case in the right image below. This button is pressed when the case closes, which most likely controls the battery’s deactivation. This is to avoid overheating that would do damage to your console. The cabling and charging setup of the Nyko Power Shell Case is straightforward, intuitive, and simply gets the job done in a safe manner.

For only $39.99, you get much more than just proper protection for your $300 gaming console investment. You also more than double your playing time on the go, backing up the Nintendo Switch’s 4310 mAh battery with a secondary 5000 mAh one. On top of that, Nyko even gives you a screen protector and cleaning cloth, which is something you may not even be considering at the time you start shopping for a hard case. This is an easy win-win purchase for anyone that plans to take their Nintendo Switch on long trips.

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† Nyko Power Shell Case provided by Nyko PR for review. Header image from product page.