Moving Hazard Exclusive Developer Interview | #CES2016

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Moving Hazard Developer Interview | CES 2016

Imagine a world where zombies live among us. A world where “the zombie war is already lost and what remains of humanity has retreated to fortified military bases, leaving everything in between to the shambling corpses.”† Moving Hazard is a game set 50 years after the collapse of civilization due to a fast-moving and unstoppable zombie plague, however, the zombies aren’t the main enemies. Instead they are lethal assets that can be weaponized to the player’s advantage through the use of a variety of clever strategies and in-game devices. In order to survive, the player’s squad must venture into the wasteland and face off against other survivors for control of important resources and strategic command points. Moving Hazard features realistic weapons and a full arsenal of tactical equipment, including military-grade assault weapons, classic fragmentation and smoke grenades, and claymores.

However, Moving Hazard is about more than just facing off against other players while trying to control resources and strategic command points. In Moving Hazard, “players will also need to take advantage of technology specifically evolved in this post-apocalyptic hellscape that allow them to control the mindless shamblers by attracting, repelling, sedating, angering, or even booby-trapping the horde..”†


During our exclusive CES 2016 interview, we learned that the folks behind Moving Hazard really adore zombies but didn’t want to create a game that we’ve already seen countless times before. Inspired by zombie pop-culture staples like The Walking Dead and Dawn of the Dead, Moving Hazard appears to be an interesting blend of Counter Strike and these iconic zombie essentials. It’s no wonder that some of the items used to weaponize the zombies have names like:

  • The Pheromone Attractor Molotov (aka The PAM), which turns any infected frenzied and hunt down enemies for a short period of time
  • The Chaos Grenade, which stuns enemies while frenzying nearby zombies
  • The Templar, which broadcasts a signal that repels zombies, forcing the horde to turn in their tracks to head away as fast as possible.

These items and more allow players to shift the flow of combat on each map as well as present tactical options not found in any other squad-based shooter.

Listen to our exclusive interview with the developers behind Moving Hazard.

Moving Hazard is expected to release early access for PC in 2016. For more information, please visit the official site at MovingHazard.com or the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/movinghazard/ and the Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/movinghazard.

And don’t forget to check out the alpha gameplay footage for Moving Hazard below.


Source: Moving Hazard Press Release