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Mobile Games in the Wild – Infinity Blade FX & Fruit Ninja Arcade Editions!

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Mobile Games in the Wild – Infinity Blade FX & Fruit Ninja Arcade Editions!

Ever wonder how your favorite mobile games would translate as an arcade game? Forget trying to see them on your console; lately, I’m seeing more and more mobile games transformed into fun quick arcade games. And since I love to escape to my local Dave & Busters and unleash my inner child after a long day at work, it’s comforting to get rewarded with tickets. It really makes my day. And with that said, I was pleased to find an Infinity Blade FX machine yesterday while checking out Dave & Busters. Infinity Blade was a game I was totally curious about for awhile but it’s an iOS game and I’m still on Android. Bullocks, I thought until today.

Today I get to swipe my foes!

Today I will be victorious! <Insert evil laughter>Muahahaha!<End evil laughter>

Well, maybe until it tells me to swipe my card again to continue…

As far as arcade games go, I had a ton of fun playing Infinity Blade FX! You play as a knight who has to battle through different foes. All pretty much looking alike but differing in stature and weaponry. Throughout the entire playthrough, the game helps you understand the overall controls. Considering you are armed only with your fingers, you can dodge, block, slash and perform supers against your enemies! Amazing!

Additionally; with every enemy you defeat, you are awarded with tickets! Sweet glorious tickets! At Dave & Busters these tickets could get you anything from a stuffed animal to a brand new blender or XBox but I guess the rewarding of tickets is subject to the arcade it’s in. However, with or without tickets Infinity Blade FX is just one of a few games I have seen make a leap from our pockets and into the real world.

To be honest, Fruit Ninja was actually the first mobile turned arcade game I ever noticed. Extremely similar to it’s mobile predecessor, the arcade version is played on a few large screen TVs as players swipe the onscreen fruit, slicing their way to the highest score. The higher the score, the more tickets you get and, seriously, at the end of the day it’s all about the tickets! Additionally, players on two separate TVs are able to play head to head in a local multiplayer match. Each player must slice as many fruits as they can without accidentally slicing the other player’s fruit or face the consequences of a lower score!

So now with the additions of both Fruit Ninja and Infinite Blade FX, I think this is an interesting evolution of mobile games. I think as long as the arcade versions of the games stay true to their mobile roots, it’s a new way to market. For example, I never played Fruit Ninja until I played the arcade version first. Now, not only did I install Fruit Ninja onto my phone but I also spend my spare time practicing so I can challenge my friends the next time we head over to Dave & Busters. This is something that I pretty much doubted I would do if I wasn’t exposed to the game offline. It’s sort of like the satisfaction of playing a demo without feeling guilty for not making a purchase.

The overall bottom line is, if you haven’t checked out either game, Fruit Ninja or Infinity Blade FX, then maybe it’s time to head over to your local arcade to check them out for yourself. They are truly worth a try!