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Micro Previews – Summer 2012 Edition

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Micro Previews – Summer 2012 Edition

I’m taking a page out of Modest Law’s book and bring you a few micro previews of a bunch of stuff I was able to get my hands on today. Why micro? Well, I was only given a limited amount of time with each product. For some, I am going to run out Best Buy and purchase for a full review to share with you all in the coming months. For others, I just thought they were cool and worth sharing. They aren’t my cup of tea but I think that there would be someone out there that would be interested. Or at least I would hope someone is. If there’s anything you’d like more information on, please don’t hesitate to comment and let me know!

Also, I love seeing the confused looks on people’s faces when I tell them I write for the non-poker related magazine that is Royal Flush. Yes, we don’t cover poker but we cover everything else that’s in between! That’s just a nice side note 🙂

So, let’s get started!

I’m such a sucker for customizable headphones.

SOL Republic Headphones

SOL Republic Tracks Headphones are the completely interchangeable headphones that allow you to customize everything. Seriously, everything. From the headband to the wires, you are able to create an audio experience that is completely unique to you.

The video below is a little silly but shows off the headphones and it’s compatibility with Siri.

Please visit SOL Republic for more information about these headphones and many more!

Holy shit, I found the lightest laptop!

Ever since WWDC, I was in love with the new Macbook Air but since I laid eyes on the Portégé Z935 I’m now obsessed. Obsessed.

Check out the details:

Portégé Z935: Still the World’s Lightest 13.3-inch Ultrabook
The next generation of Toshiba’s pioneering Ultrabook now supports new 3rd generation Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Designed for supreme portability and durability, the Portégé Z935 provides the performance needed for work and play, while featuring a slim 0.63-inch (15.9 mm) profile and weighing less than 2.5 pounds. Offering essential features with visibly smart style, the Portégé Z935 includes a full complement of ports for easy connectivity to other devices, plus long battery life rating of 8 hours. Equipped with a solid state drive, the Portégé Z935 delivers an extremely responsive experience. The Portégé Z935 is built with a light, yet durable magnesium alloy casing reinforced with a Honeycomb Rib design that provides shock absorption and increased rigidity.

Pricing and Availability
The Portégé Z935 will be available for purchase on June 24, 2012 starting at $899.99

— From official press release

Couldn’t find a direct link for this one. Might be more easy to find when it’s released on June 24th.

Keeping with the PC news, HP enters the PC gaming arena with the HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix

  • Boasts distinct hardware details, including armor plating, attention-grabbing lighting and a peek-a-boo side panel
  • HP’s most powerful Pavilion desktop PC to date containing up to 32GB of DDR3 memory and up to three internal hard drives
  • High-end discrete graphics cards can support multiple displays and deliver captivating video performance and picture quality
  • Comes standard with HP’s Magic Canvas, Beats Audio™ and HP LinkUp technology
  • Comes bundled with Trion World’s “RIFT” and select models are available with a liquid cooling
  • The HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix h9 PCs are available now at a starting price of $999— From official press release

Please visit the HP site for all the Spec details and more.

Then I got to Logitech. My mind was blown with the new Solar technology they had to offer.

The Logitech® Solar Keyboard Folio provides hassle-free protection for the front and back of the new, third-generation iPad® and iPad 2. The built-in Bluetooth® keyboard charges by light thanks to built-in solar panels. Fully powered, you can type on it for up to two years – even in complete darkness*. An instant On/Off function automatically wakes your iPad when you open the folio and sleeps it when you close it. Whether you want to type an email or watch a video, the multi-view stand holds your iPad so you don’t have to, and it offers two viewing options for your comfort.

The Logitech® Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 is a powered-by-light keyboard for your Mac®, iPad® or iPhone®. The easy-switching Bluetooth® connection makes typing on and switching among your devices as simple as pushing a button. The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 features a slim, minimalist design with the familiar Mac layout, and unique Logitech concave key design for fast, quiet and precise typing. And its built-in solar cells charge with low light and lamp light, indoors or outdoors. — From official press release

The best part is that you can charge either keyboard with normal indoor lighting. I got to try out typing on both and they were both similar to any bluetooth keyboard you might have used for iPad or tablet device before. The major benefit would be to finally be rid of batteries!

Please visit the Logitech site for details on the Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 and the Solar Keyboard Folio for the iPad.

And then I walked past M-Edge and threw an iPad around. Yup, that happened.
I think this commercial sums it up best.

I can’t lie, it felt weird for someone to be telling me to willingly throw an iPad across a room but it was surprising to see it not shatter to bits. Truly impressive.

And can be purchased here from the M-Edge website.

And since we’re talking about cases, look at the origami inspired iPad case!

In case you didn’t know, like me, Moshi has a pretty extensive Apple case line. Their sleek designs are currently available for almost every single Apple device and I totally thought this case was extremely unique!

For more information on this and all the products that Moshi offers, please check out their website.

If you love taking pictures at concerts, but don’t want to splurge on a DSLR, then Nikon has you covered with the CoolPix P310.
This camera is light, compact and offers a kick ass lens that works in low light. It shoots movies in full HD (1080p) with stereo sound and is only $329. Way cheaper than what some higher end DSLRs are currently going for.

Specs, details and a sample low-light video can be found on the Nikon website.

Need a backup power source for your phone, have you heard of Mophie?
Whether you’re the rugged outdoorsy type. Or just the casual web surfing mobile user, you might have noticed that sometimes your battery cuts off at the most inconvenient of times. Mophie has a whole line of products that can help you avoid technological power meltdown.

mophie™ today announces two new additions to its juice pack universal line, the powerstation duo and powerstation mini. The external portable batteries are designed to handle the charging needs of any USB-enabled device, as well as iDevices, including the iPad, all in a compact and low-profile design, fit for those on-the-go.

The first generation of the powerstation duo and powerstation mini offers consumers efficient and convenient recharging solutions, particularly for those consumers with multiple types of portable devices. The largest of the two, the powerstation duo, boasts a 6000mAh capacity battery, and features dual USB outputs, allowing for simultaneous charging of two devices. The powerstation mini packs a 2500mAh battery, providing more than 150 percent extra battery life, and features a special 1.0 amp high-output battery for ultra-fast charging. — From official press release

And finally, on to the TV…
Hulu is finally launching with physical gift cards. Now people are able to give the gift of instant access to millions of hours of TV shows to friends and family! Available at any typical retailer, 1, 3 and 6 month cards are now being sold and you can now email gift cards to a friend as well from Hulu’s website. The perfect gift for someone that hasn’t been able to experience Hulu from devices other than their PC.

Visit Hulu’s website for more details.

TiVo is also coming out with something that I think will be the perfect gift for anyone who currently owns a TiVo. If you’ve ever tried streaming content from your TiVo to any other device, you might be familiar with the headache it offers. But recently TiVo announces the development of an IP streaming device that would allow you to easily stream any content from your TiVo to your devices without the need of a PC.

TiVo Inc., the creator of and a leader in advanced television services, including digital video recorders (DVRs), for consumers, content distributors and consumer electronics manufacturers, today announced two major enhancements to its whole-home viewing solution. Its IP set-top box, delivers the TiVo experience on secondary televisions throughout the home. TiVo Stream, provides transcoding to enable content viewing on mobile devices.

Through these new products, operators working with TiVo can give their subscribers the content they want on any screen within the home, including secondary televisions, tablets and smart phones and all through the same easy-to-use TiVo interface. For example, the IP set-top box compliments the home’s primary TiVo DVR by extending the TiVo experience onto secondary TVs including live and recorded television viewing. TiVo Stream delivers content to a customer’s tablet or mobile device, creating a cohesive viewing experience no matter how they choose to watch their programs. Both products are optimized for operator distribution, including automated provisioning and activation, and the low-capital costs that operators demand. — From official press release

Additional details aren’t available yet but as soon as I find out more, I’ll be sure to share.

And while we’re on this, could you imagine having a low cost projector?

I feel like we’ve all dreamed about. Especially when in classes or meetings, “I wonder how awesome it would be playing Halo on a 60” screen?” Now Brookstone may make that dream a reality with the HDMI pocket projector. This sleek little guy is capable of projecting any HDMI compatible device up to 60”.

The Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector is powered by Texas Instrument’s DLP and utilizes the same technology found in the world’s largest projectors, except it is now optimized to fit the smallest form factor. Combining a bright LED light source, fully integrated speakers, and onboard battery power, Apple®, Android(TM), and Windows® smartphones or tablets are immediately transformed into a crisp, high-definition viewing experience. Get the most out of all HDMI-supported devices by easily connecting a computer, video player, game console, digital camera and more.

With more than two hours of battery life and built in audio, movies and games are truly portable. The Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector provides the same brightness and detail when running on the battery as when it is plugged in. — From official press release

Feel free to visit Brookstone’s website for more details.

I know this might have been a lot to get through and seriously I’m excited for a few of these. Can’t you tell? Please don’t hesitate to comment and let me know your thoughts on any of these products. Are there any that you might want to pick up?


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