LucidSound LS35X Wireless Xbox One Headset Review – No Dongles!

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LucidSound LS35X Wireless Xbox One Headset Review – No Dongles!

Sound Performance and Final Thoughts

As for the main component, sound performance, LucidSound’s LS35X did not mess around. The LS35X deals one sound presentation, without EQ-altering options. However, that sound presentation was perfectly fine the way it was, dealing a satisfying and balanced sound. Bass and lows roared without vibrating your head with overwhelming or muddy sensations. Highs were nice and clear, allowing me to detect enemy movement as easily as I should be able to. Not to mention that those Destiny 2 gunshots were crisp and satisfying to hear. Mid ranges and vocals came across clearly as well, whether it was from in-game or my Xbox One party members.

This sound performance was further enhanced when I used it in conjunction with Dolby Atmos. Out of the box, you are free to use the LS35X with Windows Sonic for surround sound presentation. Windows Sonic got the job done in terms of third-dimensional sound, and the LS35X’s high-fidelity 50mm drivers were more than up for the challenge. However, since I have the one-time purchase of a life-time Dolby Atmos license, I could not help but throw this headset at it. The headset did not disappoint as in continued to deliver an impressive sound performance with the added sprinkling of overhead sound.

As far as headsets go, LucidSound’s LS35X is my go-to headset this year for wireless usage on the Xbox One. From the moment you take the LS35X out of the box, you are intrigued by its sleek appearance, impressed by its laughably simple set up, and perfectly content with a no-nonsense sound performance. If you’re looking for a wireless audio solution for the Xbox One, that has no dongles or transmitting stations to connect, and performs brilliantly, then the LucidSound LS35X needs to be first on your list of headsets to check out this holiday season.

LucidSound’s LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for the Xbox One can  be bought from LucidSound for $179.99. However, when this review went up it was already sold out! If you’re interested and want to check out the LS35X for yourself, you can check the product page here. You can also sign up for the mailing list to see when it gets back in stock.



†LucidSound LS35X review unit provided by LucidSound for review.