LucidSound LS35X Wireless Xbox One Headset Review – No Dongles!

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LucidSound LS35X Wireless Xbox One Headset Review – No Dongles!

Features and Performance

LucidSound has a very neat audio entertainment package in the LS35X.

When using the headset with the Xbox One, the various controls are pretty quick to pick up and gain some muscle memory with. Pressing the right side of your head to mute felt second-nature. The dials have stop points for how far they can turn, meaning you can find your sweet spot with volumes and power off the headset with confidence. The placements of those dials will hold those settings in place for when you turn the headset back on.

Having two mic options continues to be a nice touch for several of LucidSound’s products, which includes the LS35X here. The boom mic performs quite well, delivering clear and crisp outbound chat to your party members. Party members only heard my background sounds when I spoke, showing that it properly ignored background noise when I didn’t. When the boom mic is not in play, the embedded mic takes over automatically. However, that mic picks up anything and everything in the background. Since I would only remove the boom mic when I played solo, this wasn’t too big of a deal. I just had to be more mindful of muting myself whenever I had a random friend pop into the party to have a quick word.

Speaking of muting, I especially like the red LED that shines when you press the right side button to mute your mic. It is a clear indicator that you are muted. If you opt out of using the boom mic, you can still mute just fine. You will just have to rely on the beeps that play when you mute and unmute yourself. You of course have to remember whether or not you were muted for a long period of time given the lack of visual cues.

Mic Monitoring, a feature that I lean on with any headset, was not a prevalent as I would have liked. Even though I had the feature toggled on, I only heard my voice when I was especially loud, somewhat defeating the purpose of having the feature at all. Sure, it was helpful to know when I was shouting, but I would rather be constantly aware of my voice to lower the chances of my voice getting that high.

As the LS35X is aesthetically designed to be taken out of the house, the headset’s modular approach made taking and using the headset on the go both convenient and easy. Plop off that boom mic, attach the included 3.5mm cable, and the LS35X becomes an instant travel companion. Whether you have the headset on or off, you can use the left ear cup button to control your media on your mobile device. When you have the headset powered on, you can control the incoming master volume using the dial as you would when you are connected to the console.

If I were to take away anything from the features, it would have to be the lack of “low power” notifications from the headset. Mid gaming session the LS35X cut off. After turning it on to then have it immediately turn off, I deduced on my own that the battery had fully depleted. When the headset’s battery was close to depletion, there were no beeps or indicators. If there were, that would of course triggered me to connect some power to the headset to continue using it while it charged. Instead it was a silent death in an inopportune time, during a Destiny 2 pvp match. (Oof!) Hopefully LucidSound can tackle this in a firmware update.


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