LucidSound LS35X Wireless Xbox One Headset Review – No Dongles!

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LucidSound LS35X Wireless Xbox One Headset Review – No Dongles!

When we reviewed LucidSound’s LS30 headset back in 2016, we loved everything about the headset. It easily made it onto our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide as a headset with some of the most sleekest control interfaces we’ve seen on a gaming headset. The only wish we had for the LS30 was for it come back without wires. Well, now LucidSound did more than grant that wish. They reengineered their latest console-specific headset and went as far as to even take wireless transmitters out of the equation. What we have now is the LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for the Xbox One.

Let’s dive in.

Build and Comfort

The LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset comes ready to pair with your Xbox One family of devices, straight out of the box. After giving the headset a good charging, you simply use the pair button on the headset in the exact same manner in which you pair an Xbox One controller to the console. Walk over to the console, hold the pair button for a bit, and the LS35X pairs with your console and assigns itself to the first player signed in. Just like that you’re wirelessly connected with Xbox One without having to play with setup screens, optical cables, USB dongles, or wireless transmitters.

Out of the box, you get the LS35X headset, a removable boom mic, a mic port cover for the boom mic slot, a microUSB charging cable, and a 3.5mm cable for using the LS35X with your mobile devices on the go. If you were especially hyped for LS35X, which would be understandable, and you pre-ordered the LS35X early, you will be gifted with this snazzy hard case.

The LS35X brings back all of the features we loved from the LS30, with some build improvements. The silhouette is the same as it was with the LS30, with the headset featuring a more unilaterally black color scheme and LucidSound logos popping out a bit more. The LS35X continues LucidSound’s DNA of attractive headsets that sleekly hide intuitive controls. The sides of each ear cup are actually big buttons surrounded by dials, giving you all of the controls that you would need for a gaming headset.

The left ear cup’s button toggles the muting of game sound, while its dial controls the master volume of the headset. The right ear cup’s button toggles outbound mic muting with its dial acting as an game and chat volume balancer. Going further with the mic, the right button can be held down to toggle Mic Monitoring. Mic Monitoring allows you to hear your own voice when speaking to avoid unnecessary shouting during gameplay.

The included boom mic is both removable and highly bendable. When the boom mic is attached to the LS35X, the head of the mic illuminates a bright red LED when you engage mic muting. Should you decide not to use the boom mic, the LS35X still has an onboard mic that you can still use for chatting. Surely, you won’t get the level of chat precision that you would have with a boom mic, but it is still handy for when you are mostly playing solo but still have to field the occasional in-game conversation or too.

Continuing with the build, one of the improvements to the general build of the LS35X comes in the form of their ear pads. The padding for the ear cups now utilize a fabric and leatherette skin hybrid, housing soft cooling gel over memory foam. The pads are also very easy to remove, making the LS35X an easier headset to care for and clean.

The LS35X has all around great build, that clearly shows an approach that cries “don’t fix what’s not broken.” The general LucidSound look is as present with the LS35X as it is with any of their headsets. Instead of going with the traditional techy and/or highly colorful appearance seen in many gaming headsets, LucidSound continues to make attractive headsets that you want to bring out of the house. The LS35X follows suit with a very lightweight frame that is both comfortable to wear and is easy on the eyes. The inclusion of an onboard mic, allows you to use the LS35X comfortably on the go while still maintaining all of the functionality that you would expect from any mobile headset. You can control your music tracks, field quick calls, and control the volume on the mobile device that you have connected via the 3.5mm cable.  

Pushing the LS35X further, LucidSound still managed to include improvements with their new ear pad approach. I personally love that more and more gaming headsets are incorporating leatherette/fabric hybrid earpads. The fabric side comes in contact with your skin and does not promote wearing fatigue like leatherette pads generally do. Yet, the leatherette skin on the surrounding the sides of the pad allows the headset to still have the kind of sound isolation you would want in a gaming headset, sans the fatigue factor. Not to forget, the ear pads of the LS35X are a dream to wear for very long gaming sessions thanks to the cooling gel fillings. I was able to manage multiple five hour gaming sessions, whilst wearing glasses, without even thinking of fatigue.

LucidSound has hit a homerun with this headset as the LS35X has a build and attractive appearance that gaming headsets should strive for.


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