LucidSound Wireless LS30 Gaming Headset Review

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LucidSound Wireless LS30 Gaming Headset Review

Performance and More on Features


Of course, you can just use the LS30 with the 3.5mm cable as you would with any headset you connect to the Xbox One controller, and use the chat/game balancer as normal. But why would you drop in sound quality through a 3.5mm cable when you can experience uncompressed wireless game sound through the optical dongle? Not to mention, the LS30 while powered on has automatic voice monitoring, so that you can hear yourself speak and keep from shouting. That’s just a feature you won’t get through the Xbox Stereo Headset Adapter.

LucidSound’s LS30 is an absolute joy to listen through with its nice and balanced 50mm drivers. Generally, in terms of music listening, the LS30’s drivers have a strong and warm bass presence that doesn’t come across muddled. It vibrates and resonates while allowing for percussion (drums) and vocals to come across quite clearly. In games, and more prominently while connected wirelessly using the USB optical connection, sound is deep and immersive. Those bass-leaning drivers project explosions and rumblings effectively. Gunshots and action sounds are crisp and fulfilling. Music scores are excellently portrayed. All around, with much help from uncompressed sound transmission, the LS30 delivers an exciting sound experience for your next gen consoles.

Another feature I waited to mention was the EQ Mode toggling of LS30, available when the headset is powered on. You can toggle between 3 basic settings: normal (Balanced), bass-boost and treble-boost. Treble-boost focuses on your high range of sounds for your attention to gunshots and footsteps. I could either take or leave the treble-boost, as while I did hear these sounds more clearly, it was not that much more profound than how I heard them in the normal EQ. The bass-boost, had a little more prevalent effect as the already properly established bass resonated much, much more. As much as I am a fan of bass, I was more than happy with the normal EQ. LucidSound did a great job in how they established that balance of the different sound ranges, so much so that the normal EQ just felt like home.

Mic performance in conjunction with mic monitoring performed quite well. The boom mic does well to pick up the speaker’s voice clearly from a distance. The imbedded mic that activates when you remove the boom mic works almost as well, except its more susceptible to ambient noise. Seeing how this is a headset designed to be taken outside, that imbedded mic works perfectly with mobile device use.