LucidSound Wireless LS30 Gaming Headset Review

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LucidSound Wireless LS30 Gaming Headset Review

Accessories and Features


The multi-platform LS30 comes with everything you need to handle your Xbox, Playstation, and mobile needs. LucidSound’s LS30 is designed to specifically work with the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and mobile devices. You’re armed with an optical cable with USB dongle, 3.5 mm cable, a USB charging cable, a removable boom mic, some caps to cover the opening for when that mic is removed, and an Xbox 360 chat cable.

While powered off, the LS30 uses the 3.5mm cable to behave like a standard headset with whatever you want it feed it, whether it be a PC, mobile device, PS Vita or a Nintendo 3DS. The left ear cup houses an onboard mic for when you don’t want to use the boom mic. Simply removing the boom mic automatically switches to this onboard one. When the LS30 is powered on, the onboard features kick into gear. Press in the logo button on the left ear cup to toggle muting of game sound, press the one on the right ear cup to toggle the muting of your mic. Each ear cup also houses a wheel dial: the left ear cup controls game volume while the right ear cup dial controls chat volume. When the boom mic is connected, it will illuminate a blue LED brightly to show you that you’re muted.


LucidSound’s optical cable with USB dongle feeds your LS30 headset wirelessly with uncompressed stereo sound. With the PS3 and PS4, you can experience 100% wireless usage with the LS30, for both sound and chat. However, with both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One systems, you can still use the LS30 for wireless listening, but once you want to add chat into the mix, you must involve one of the included cables for connectivity from the LS30 to your controller. Xbox may have put a wrench in the full wireless usage of the LS30, but it’s not a complete loss.

The Xbox 360 always involved the use of a chat wire to your controller, so the caveat is more noticeable with the Xbox One. If you have one of the original standard Xbox One controllers, then you’ll have to procure an Xbox Stereo Headset Adapter to even begin to give yourself chat functionality with the 3.5mm cable. If you have one of the newer controllers, like the Xbox One Elite Controller for example, then the included 3.5mm cable will bridge the LS30 and your controller accordingly. In either scenario, you are instructed to set all game/chat balance to chat so that chat and game sounds are fed individually yet simultaneously to the LS30.


Here’s what I like about this. You may think that only the PS3 and PS4 get to take advantage of the onboard controls. However, you’d be surprised to find out that LucidSound engineered a way to give you the same experience on the Xbox with the LS30. By setting the balance to 100% chat and connecting the LS30 to your controller, you can still power on the LS30 and make use of the onboard controls as you would on the Playstation. Since the headset’s game sound feed still comes in through via the optical USB dongle, you can effectively and independently control the chat and game volumes. If own an Xbox One and you use a wired headset, you may have a love/hate relationship with having to balance between chat and game sounds. I find it to be a big plus having full independent volume controls without finagling with a balancer.