Logitech G602 Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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Logitech G602 Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse Review


Today I’m going to share my thoughts and opinions regarding Logitech’s newest gaming mouse.  It’s unique in a few ways and in a market that’s saturated with gimmicks and bright colors, Logitech had always managed to keep things matte, sleek, and never strayed over to the side of gaudy and the G602 is no exception.  Performance?  Features?  Ergonomics?  Read on friend.


The mouse itself stands out immediately due to its unique shape and visuals.  You have reflective gray plastic lining the top and rear while the sides are flanked by textured plastic, and the hump of the mouse is covered by textured rubber.  Weird?  Definitely but Logitech made it work and the mouse looks like something you’d want to hold and at the very least try out.  Another feature that stands out is the presence of multiple buttons.  Technically, the mouse features a total of 11 buttons, 5 of which are usually featured in a number of gaming mice today.  That leaves 6 buttons that users normally don’t see in normal, run-of-the-mill gaming mice.  In addition, all 11 buttons can be programmed to do pretty much anything you want on the PC…the possibilities are endless!  As is the case with many gaming mice out in the wild, the G602 is specifically tailored for right handed folks.  I guess the mouse was designed to mimic the length of peoples’ hands because the right mouse button is visibly longer than the left.  It doesn’t have a practical purpose but it adds to the unique aesthetic of the mouse.

                            Leftside_party!                 Rightside_boring

One of the inherent weaknesses of a wireless gaming mouse has always been the battery life.  The Logitech G602 features two modes of use: Performance and Endurance.  Obviously, the Performance mode would be used during active gaming sessions when you want the wireless input to be polled at a higher rate.  The Endurance Mode allows the mouse to keep the wireless polling to a minimum and you’ll notice a slight drop in responsiveness and button clicks although that’s only if you’re really looking for it.  You won’t miss the faster performance while using an Excel spreadsheet or writing something up in WordPress *wink*.  The modes can be activated by using the toggle switch located just below the scroll wheel.  Up for Performance and Down for Endurance – simple!  The Endurance mode does extend battery life to insane levels though.  I’ve been using the same two AA batteries since unboxing the unit back in November.  I am an avid gamer and the battery life is still going strong.

I’ve mentioned this in the past but Logitech’s Gaming Software is a great unified application that allows pretty much all Logitech peripherals to be customized.  Within the software you can create macros, assign buttons and game profiles.  You can also save a default profile to the mouse’s built-in memory via the software if you want to take your mouse to a LAN party or the office.  Like many of Logitech’s wireless offerings, the G602 also sports a slot inside the battery compartment in which you can store the wireless dongle as well.  Although it’s a full sized mouse, it packs in nicely for all the road warriors out there.



I tested the mouse during various situations – primarily gaming really.  Battlefield 4, Team Fortress 2, and DC Universe Online were used to test the G602.  The mouse has really good tracking.  Although the laser doesn’t provide an insane level of DPI like other gaming mice, the 2500 DPI wasn’t too bad.  Something should be said about the real viability of extremely high DPI in gaming.  Some gamers swear by DPI but I personally don’t go any higher than 3400 at most but hover around 3000 with no acceleration and toned down sensitivity in games.  With 2500 DPI, I had to adjust the sensitivity in some games but after a few minutes I couldn’t tell the difference.

The wireless performance is *almost* on par with wired gaming mice.  I personally usually stick with wired mice.  I’ve always had trouble getting used to wireless mice – something I really can’t put a finger on.  I have to admit that within the last year or two, I’ve really seen the gap in performance between wired and wireless close and I’m pleased to say that the G602 performed admirably even without the much vaunted and marketed 1000hz polling rate that other gaming mice boast.  I found the G602’s 500hz to be more than adequate.

All the macros worked especially in DC Universe Online.  The combos attacks that were assigned to the thumb buttons executed perfectly and the little nook created by the wing shaped base kept my thumb nice and tucked in during frantic shootouts in Battlefield 4.  I can’t understand why some other gaming mice featuring multiple thumb buttons can’t provide the same kind of ergonomic design.  Logitech has been guilty of this as well – especially with the MMO-centric G500.  There was no chance of me pressing down on a thumb button while moving the mouse around like a madman.

                     on board memory                      logitech game software 

I’m also happy to report that the mouse can accommodate multiple types of grips too!  I was a little wary due to the length of the mouse but my palms never touched the back of the mouse while gaming.  My lovely wife who uses a palm grip reported loving the mouse and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get it back.  Seriously.


Overall Thoughts

When I first saw the mouse displayed at a tech show, I was kind of shocked that Logitech would even produce it.  They already have a wireless gaming mouse which already has garnered much praise – the G700.  I have to admit that while the response and tracking was excellent, the battery life and the shape didn’t really agree with me.  However, the G602, even with its lesser 2500 max DPI worked well with my needs and apparently my wife’s.  The Endurance mode of the mouse is supposed to carry the battery life up to 1440 hours but I doubt anyone would ever see that especially if the user is gaming with it as well.  In my personal experience, the mouse was in my possession for the first two months and in my wife’s for the last week or so and it’s still going strong.  Although the mouse’s battery cannot be recharged via USB (the mouse doesn’t have a port), using a good brand such as Eneloop ought to keep the level of annoyance at swapping out batteries to a minimum.

The MSRP is $79.99 but can be found for less.  Amazon and Best Buy both are offering the sleek mouse for $20 less at this time.  If you’re in the market for a mouse that sports enough buttons to work well with your favorite MMOs but can also double as a great FPS mouse, the G602 just may be for you.

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