Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speakers

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Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speakers

Are you ready to rock?  Logitech is with their newest PC surround sound speakers, the G560’s!  Here’s my take on em…

When thinking of your gaming set-up, or just a complete PC build often times we desire the best sound possible.  For this, we invest in a high-end headset but what if you could have something that offers the dynamic sound of a headset, with the flexibility of a surround sound set-up?  That’s what we have here with the Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speakers.

These powerful speakers boast 240 watts of pure, unadulterated power.  What does that mean though?  That means that if you live in an apartment with paper-thin walls and are playing Call of Duty the neighbors are likely to call the police.  The good news is that you won’t even here the police banging on your door because these speakers pack a punch!  The Logitech G560 is a 3-piece set including a forceful subwoofer and two satellite speakers.  Now let’s be clear, they are satellite speakers but they not the ordinary run of the mill speakers that typically come in a package like this.  These speakers have a bold driver design that they can rival your old-school bookshelf speakers.

The Logitech G560 PC Speakers are a traditional 2.1 surround sound system EXCEPT they are utilizing some of the newest sound technology.  If you are familiar with my posts, you’ve heard me mention things about Dolby Atmos.  Did you know they there is some competition out there?  It’s true!  The Logitech G560’s are utilizing the DTS:X Ultra Surround sound technology.  Let me explain…Imagine if sound was 3D, and surrounded you.  DTS:X allows for this to be possible, without the need for additional, expensive speakers.  If you are playing a game and a helicopter is flying above, you will hear that helicopter as if it was above you.  You are not bound to only hearing things to the left or the right but in a full 360 degrees which is amazing coming from a package of only 2 speakers and a subwoofer.  Unheard of even.

Logitech has allowed for you to utilize the G560 Speakers in several ways but offering 3 different ways to connect.  For my PC set-up, I’m connecting directly to my tower using the included USB cable.  If you want to take advantage of the dynamic sound of these speakers while watching a movie on Netflix or streaming music on Deezer you can connect to the G560’s wirelessly over Bluetooth.  Have a legacy device that you can’t part with?  Connect your Walkman directly using the 3.5mm hook-up and finally listen to your Meatloaf “Bat Out of Hell” cassette.

Now that we’ve discussed how incredible the sound is, let’s get into the way they look.  I know you are wondering why this is important, well just give me a second to explain.   The Logitech G560’s PC Gaming Speakers come to life with the power of the Logitech Gaming Software.  You can control 4 zones of custom RGB lighting.  But that’s not all.  With the gaming software, you can scan your gaming library to create personal profiles dedicated to specific games.  Your specific game not listed?  No problem!  The speakers will illuminate automatically using their “Lightsync” technology to illuminate your gaming experience.  This isn’t just limited to gaming, anything you play through these speakers turns your desk into a laser light-show with these RGB speakers.  Have a full Logitech set-up?  Sync all of your devices to work with “Lightsync” and watch everything come to life in unison.  Another cool feature that utilizes the 4 zones on the speakers is the ability to use the customizable screen sampler.  This allows you to dedicate 4 different zones on your monitor and assign it to any of the color zones on the speakers.  Would come in handy with games like DOTA, or League of Legends.  With a little imagination, you can turn your office into a wonderland of great gaming proportions.

I haven’t had the opportunity to review a lot of PC surround sound systems and to be honest I’m typically not interested in doing it because they are big, complicated and bulky.  Not with the Logitech G560’s though.  The technology allows for this 3-piece set to pack the sound of a full surround sound set which is pretty miraculous.  You can learn more and purchase the Logitech G560’s by clicking here!  Hands down another great product, from a great company and for less than $200 how can you resist?

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