Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Tenkeyless Keyboard Review

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Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Tenkeyless Keyboard Review

At PAX East 2017, we got to take a look at the Logitech G Pro Keyboard, a 10-keyless keyboard and the first Logitech gaming product to carry the word “Pro” in its name. The Logitech G Pro Keyboard is Logitech’s answer for the traveling PC gamer and gaming professional. A removal cable, a steel back plate and Logitech’s own Roamer-G key switches aim to make the Logitech G Pro Keyboard‘s quality on par with its portability. Let’s dive deeper into the Logitech G Pro Keyboard.

G810 on top, Logitech G Pro on bottom

The Logitech G Pro Keyboard has practically the same silhouette as the Logitech G810 Spectrum Gaming Keyboard we reviewed last year, without the num pad, media controls, or volume wheel. Media and volume controls are now mixed into the keys on the top right and are engaged by holding down a Function key. You’re left with all of other standard keyboard keys as well as two Logitech’s add-ons: the onboard LED controller and Game Mode key. Of course, you have the Logitech standard in mechanical key switches, Roamer-G key switches, sporting durability of 70 million key presses and an actuation distance of 1.5mm.

The Logitech G Pro Keyboard has a nice sturdy build, housing a steel plate in its base for overall stability. I’m a bit of a heavy key presser, myself. Yet, that meant nothing thanks to the Logitech G Pro Keyboard’s considerable weight and wide rubber feet. The Roamer-G switches continue to be enjoyable to press and play with, maintaining just the right level of resistance for a heavy-handed gamer like myself. Key-presses are responsive and the clicks are simply satisfying.

Many may notice the absence of the additional “G” keys seen in other Logitech models. I was perfectly fine with that. The inclusion of those keys defeats the one of the main purposes of a 10-keyless keyboard, which is to have a smaller form factor. Besides, you still have 12 Function keys to play with and customize.

The LED’s display color quite nicely, although absolute white comes off as a little washed out, even on the brightest setting. There are various behavior options for finagling with the colors of the keys. What I found to be especially nice with the latest Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) version for the Logitech G Pro Keyboard is the ability to create custom animations. Players simply design the LED layout for each frame in the animation and then control the transition between frames using a sort of timeline interface. If you’re of a creative sort that wished that they could have more animation options for their full color LED keyboard, then this is the playground for you.

Going deeper into the LGS, all of the standard customization options you’d expect to see in higher-end gaming keyboards are there. Best of all, the Logitech Gaming Software was easy to use and navigate. Design macros using a familiar keystroke recorder and double-back to your recordings to tweak key-press timings and delays. Assign custom marcos or other actions to the Function keys up top.

I liked the Save to Device option for simply saving color configs to the keyboard’s onboard memory. This is great for when you have to use the keyboard on PC’s that do not have the LGS installed. Being able to save customization directly to the keyboard and having a braided removable act further solidify the Logitech G Pro Keyboard as a respectable traveling companion for the traveling gamer or professional. The braided cable is not only great for combatting wire snags, but it also has a 3-prong end to ensure that it’s nice and secure when connected to your keyboard.

The features don’t stop there with the Logitech G Pro Keyboard. 26-Key rollover ensures that all of your fastest and complex key presses register, no matter how many keys you hold down at once. The Logitech G Pro Keyboard has three angle options for gamers like myself that prefer a tilt to their keyboards. Angle options come in 0 ,4, and 8 degrees.

Game Mode is toggled by this Game Mode key, which can be customized by LGS to disable keys that you don’t want to accidentally press while gaming. No more appearances of the Windows menu when you accidentally touch that Windows key.

All in all, the Logitech G Pro Keyboard is a great buy at $129.99. Steel plating, mechanical keys ready for 70 million clicks, and a 3-prong removable braided cable solidify the Logitech G Pro Keyboard as a high-end product. A bevy of standard and Logitech-specific features arm the keyboard for any gaming scenario. On-board memory allows for saving the lighting settings alone which is perfect for tournament settings where macros are disallowed.

The Logitech G Pro Keyboard is ready for travel, home, or “clean machine” usage and delivers a high-quality performance. Do check it out for yourself here.


†Logitech G Pro Keyboard provided by Logitech PR for review.