Only $40?! – Logitech G G203 Gaming Mouse Review

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Only $40?! – Logitech G G203 Gaming Mouse Review

Covering as many high-end gaming peripherals as we do here at RFMag, we always remember to also visit the highly-affordable stuff as well. After all, cheap cost does not necessarily mean cheap quality. That brings us to our next Logitech G product review of the Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC gaming mouse. The Logitech G203 is a programmable 6-button gaming mouse that features LIGHTSYNC RBG lighting. It is on sale now for a very approachable $39.99.  This is easily the cheapest Logitech product we have gotten our hands on yet.

So, what does this $40 Logitech G-branded gaming mouse have to offer? Let’s dive right in.

Base Specs

Sensor Resolution:200 – 8,000 DPI
Dimensions HxWxD:116.6 mm, 62.15 mm, 38.2 mm
(4.59 in, 2.45 in, 1.5 in)
Weight:85 g (2.1 oz), (w/o cable)
Cable Length:2.1 m (6.89 ft)
Microprocessor:32-bit ARM
USB data format:16 bits/axis
USB report rate:1000 Hz (1ms)

Source: Logitech G203 Product Page

Build and Comfort

The Logitech G203 sports a simplistic build, with an exterior made mostly of plastic. Starting from the top of the mouse, you have the left and right clicks, a rubberized mouse wheel, and a button that defaults as a DPI sensitivity toggle. On the left side, you have two thumb buttons. The shape of the G203 features a somewhat flat and ambidextrous build, making the mouse a accessible option for southpaw gamers.

The G203 is very light, sitting at a feather-like 85 grams. The mouse has two LED lighting areas, one for the Logitech G logo and the other being a band that wraps around the sides and back. The left and right clicks are loaded with a metal spring button tensioning system, designed to allow for precise click actuation. The sensor housed in the G203 allows for a tracking range from 200 to 8,000 DPI (dots per inch).

The aesthetics and appearance of the G203 are pleasing to the eye. The LED’s on the G203 shine as brightly as you would like, being fully customizable via the free Logitech G Hub software. The LED ring that rests along the sides and back play well with breathing and other transitional lighting effects. Offering 16.8 million color options, the G203 offers a vast array of stylish options, which are all up to you to set and tweak.

As far as comfort goes, the G203 does not sport the kind of raised hump that you see in a lot of gaming mice. This made the mouse more conducive to a claw grip than a palm grip, because of that flatter body. Nevertheless, the G203 was still comfortable enough to use in during extended gaming sessions. The left and right clicks were satisfying to press. Despite not having any rubberized grips on the sides, the mouse’s light weight still allowed for smooth and accurate handing throughout gameplay. Even with my heavy-handed preference for heavier or weighted mice, I could not knock the comfort and ease-of-use of the G203.

Features and Performance

The Logitech G Hub and G203 allow you to create and save up to five custom button and sensitivity profiles for your mouse. As you would expect, you can also set these profiles to load up automatically when games that you specify boot up. 

Through the Logitech G Hub, the G203 LIGHTSYNC gaming mouse offers many of the customization options that any gamer would expect to have in today’s gaming mice. You can customize all of the button behaviors, assigning either standard system functions or user-created macros to any of the buttons.

You are able to determine the DPI levels to swap between when you press the DPI toggle button. You can even opt to configure the DPI button to perform a different action all together. Once you load up the Logitech G Hub and connect the G203, the ball is in your court.

The macro creator is pretty intuitive to use and finagle in the Logitech G Hub. You name a new macro, choose how and when it activates on button press, record your various actions, then double-back to tweak press and release timings. After that, simply assign your new macro to the button of your choice and you are off to the races. Very straight-forward.

If you rather just keep it simple and jump right into the game, the G203’s out-of-the-box settings are just fine for gaming without the Logitech G Hub. I hooked up a keyboard and the G203 to the Xbox One X and I was ready-to-go in Call of Duty Warzone. Aiming was smooth and accurate. Having that DPI toggle button work off the bat was a boon here. Being able to adjust sensitivities without having to consult menus was pretty handy when I went in and out of sniping situations.

Final Thoughts

For just $39.99, the G203 LIGHTSYNC gaming mouse is a basic but solid buy for its price. It is a great way for beginners to dip their feet into keyboard and mouse play without having to break the bank. However, intermediate to expert gamers will also enjoy what it offers in customization options that are seen in any mid or high tier gaming mouse.

Aside from having thumb buttons only on the left side of the mouse, its symmetrical body makes it inviting for left-handed gamers. I personally would have like a higher hump for the palm rest since I use a more of a claw and palm hybrid grip. However, the mouse is still easy to manage regardless of your preferred grip style.

Whether you’re looking to try out keyboard and mouse gameplay for the first time, or if you simply want a practical product for a very low price, the Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC gaming mouse is one for you to check out. At that price, you will not be disappointed. Check out the Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC gaming mouse for yourself by clicking here.

† As usual, there are no affiliate links contained within this post. We were provided a Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC gaming mouse for review purposes and were not compensated for this review.