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Let there be Metal! – Brutal Legend Review

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Let there be Metal! – Brutal Legend Review

Meet Eddie Riggs, your not-so-ordinary roadie. A man capable of creating and fixing anything but the horrible emo-metal band he roadies for. But that doesn’t bother Eddie at all. As a roadie, he’s used to being out of the spotlight. No one ever needed to see him because he was only there to help the band.

Then re-enter emo-metal band: Hell bent on destroying another one of Eddie’s stage prop creations, they climb up the large prop and nearly fall to their death. However, Eddie was there like always ready to come to the rescue even if no one would see him do it. Only thing was that this would be the last time that Eddie would come to the rescue. Crushed by his stage prop, his bleed leaks into a strange belt buckle and teleports Eddie to “a nightmarish-but kind of awesome-land plagued by evil”. Now it’s up to Eddie to lead the rebellion and finally take center stage.

And hell there’s a lot to do!

It’s hard to describe Brutal Legend because there’s so much going on here that it seems like this game would be able to create a whole new genre in gaming. There’s racing, RPG, Guitar Hero, and good ol’ hack and slash elements all bundled up and tied together with a little metal bow. Everything’s got a quirky feel that typical of Schafer games.

On the RPG side of things, you’ll be able to command different rocker troops. In true roadie fashion, you’ll have to tell them where to stand and what to shot. Oh the power!

For the Guitar Hero fans, there are solos that you can learn that play as Guitar Hero notes across the scene. As the game progresses, you’ll learn different solos that can help you accomplish different tasks.

There’s no need to explain hack and slash so let’s just move on to the driving. It’s extremely awful in this game! So if anyone that worked on the game is reading this, I hope that they will release an update that will fix this problem. Since I’m an FPS gal, I’m used to using both analog sticks but it seems useless to use the right analog stick when driving since it only controls the camera and does not help you steer the car at all. And training my brain to just use the left stick was hard at first. That’s fine but once you start doing the racing missions you’ll find yourself getting frustrated on how a easily you’re able to crash into nearby trees and mountains.

All in all there’s too much that’s good about this game to just ignore. It’s got metal everywhere! The music, that world levels, the in-game dialogue and the cameos, yes, there’s a shitload of big name cameos in here. I’m almost willing to overlook the bad driving mechanics. Tim, if you’re reading this I hope you fix this.

Pros: Metal!, different game elements, massive world to explore, multi-player mode

Cons: Driving, PS2 Graphics