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Lego Rock Band Will Rock You!

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Lego Rock Band Will Rock You!

The holidays are here and ’tis the season for awesome games!

In the latest addition to the Rock Band family, you and yours will be able to rock out to your favorite songs with Lego branded avatars. Awe-some! Lego Rock Band is a totally fun family friendly experience with so much fun stuff to do!

The familiar game play is still here: You’ll be able to play the game with the same peripherals as the previous Rock Band games as well as play through various songs to unlock venues in order to gain more fans. So, there isn’t nothing new there. Everything is still there but with an awesome Lego twist. Instead of playing for stars, you’ll be playing for studs and the more studs you get, the easier time you’ll have playing through the harder difficulties as well as having the ability to buy things for yourself and your Lego band mates.

Use studs on the harder difficulties? How? Well, Lego Rock Band is more forgiving than other Rock Band games. It adds to the family friendly feel to the game. Instead of failing out because you missed a bunch of notes, Lego Rock Band lets you try to regain yourself by using a portion of the studs you earned while playing to save you temporarily. But, remember, once you lose all your studs then it’s game over and you’ll fail for good. It’s a novel idea that allows new rockers to learn the ropes without getting frustrated.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! While playing through and unlocking venues, vehicles and secret characters; you’ll encounter a few fun rock challenges along the way. Unlike the previous rock challenges, in Lego Rock Band, you play through little vignettes where your band’s performance dictates the outcome of the challenge. Sure any band can play through a song and get a high score but in what game do you get to play the “Ghostbusters theme” in a haunted house where while you’re playing you see ghosts zooming past as your band is chancing them out of the haunted house. Only one: Lego Rock Band.

All in all, this is a fun filled games that I can’t stop playing with my family. Even though it’s a little too family friendly and by that I mean you can only play certain DLC that has a family friendly rating and there is no online multi-player. Actually, not having the online multi-player is not really missed. It’s the holiday, family and friends should be over at your house anyway.

It’s simple joy and Lego Rock Band should be on your holiday list this season.