Kingston HyperX Brings the FURY and Impact to Your Gaming Rig

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Kingston HyperX Brings the FURY and Impact to Your Gaming Rig

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In case you missed it, Kingston HyperX released their latest memory line-up called FURY, aiming to keeping your gaming rig enhancements easy and cost-conscience. They showcased the new line-up of memory modules at PAX East this past April, sporting a variety of colors for fitting into any style of internals-exposing modded PC. Also, laptop and small-form factor PC owners were not ignored as small outline memory modules in the form of the HyperX Impact was released just last month But what exactly makes these line-ups unique?

The new FURY line of RAM replaces the current HyperX blu providing PC gaming enthusiasts of any level of PC modding experience with easy overclocking functionality. How easy? Try automatic! The memory sticks are plug and play and will overclock themselves within the PC’s constraints without the user having to dive into the BIOS to finagle with controls that are otherwise foreign to PC-building beginners. HyperX FURY memory modules utilize a new heat-spreader design on their frames to protect against overheating which allows for a more cost-effective solution for PC modders. Otherwise, they would have to look into purchasing some sort of cooling solution to protect their PC internals.

Not only do you save money by not spending on memory-cooling, HyperX prices the modules reasonably with the most expensive 16 GB kit staying under $180 (depending on where you’re buying of course). Coming in 4GB and 8 GB modules, HyperX FURY memory is available in 1333MHz, 1600MHz and 1866MHz frequencies. And of course, HyperX is always PC style-conscience as they offer all of these module variants in four different colors: blue, black, red, and white.

HyperX FURY White memory_HyperX_White_Fury_DIMM_1_s_hr_19_03_2014 23_19HyperX FURY White memory_HyperX_White_Fury_DIMM_spine_hr_19_03_2014 23_20HyperX FURY Blue memory_HyperX_Blue_Fury_DIMM_1_s_hr_19_03_2014 23_19 HyperX FURY Blue memory_HyperX_Blue_Fury_DIMM_spine_hr_19_03_2014 23_19

HyperX FURY Red memory_HyperX_Red_Fury_DIMM_1_s_hr_19_03_2014 23_19 HyperX FURY Red memory_HyperX_Red_Fury_DIMM_spine_hr_19_03_2014 23_19 HyperX FURY memory_HyperX_Black_Fury_DIMM_1_s_hr_19_03_2014 23_18HyperX FURY Black memory_HyperX_Black_Fury_DIMM_spine_hr_19_03_2014 23_19

More HyperX FURY product specifics:
– Dual channel available
– Capacities of up to 8GB (single) and 8GB–16GB (kits)
– Frequency (speed) 1333MHz, 1600MHz, 1866MHz
– CAS latency 9-9-9-27 and 10-10-10-30
– Voltage 1.5V
– Asymmetric heat spreader for stylish heat dissipation
– Compatible with P55, H67, P67, Z68, Z77, Z87 and H61 Intel chipsets, as well as A75, A87, A88, A89, A78 and E35 AMD chipsets

HyperX Impact


If you have a laptop or a smaller form-factor PC, you don’t necessarily have to lose out on Kingston’s new automatic overclocking functionality should the FURY modules not fit in your machine! The latest in HyperX’s smaller memory module line-up, HyperX Impact, was released just last month. Product specs are as follows…

HyperX Impact product specifics:
– SO-DIMM form factor features stylish and slim thermal label for an easy fit
– Capacities 4GB, 8GB (single) and 8GB, 16GB (kits)
– Speeds 1600MHz–2400MHz2
– Latency CL9-CL12
– Voltage 1.35V
– Easy installation and automatic overclocking; no adjustments in BIOS needed
– Eco-friendly with low voltage settings for cooler and quieter computing
– 100% factory tested

Kingston was sure to cover all fronts with these latest releases. Building or making changes to your PC? HyperX also introduced new FURY SSD’s into their FURY family! Feel free to check the latest by HyperX for yourself below:

HyperX FURY Memory Modules

HyperX Impact Memory Modules


HyperX FURY SSD_SHFS37A_240GB_hr_03_06_2014 01_03

† All product images provided by Kingston