Introducing Project Pre-Owned

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Introducing Project Pre-Owned
For some reason I have become a little uninspired. To be honest, I know that there’s a whole slew of games coming down the pike this year but all the ones I was really looking forward already came out for me. So, I needed something to re-inspire me to write and share with you folks again. I believe I may have found it in Project Pre-Owned.What you see above is my entire gaming library, these are the games that I haven’t lent away or lost during a previous move. This signifies all the games I have purchased over the years and it’s actually sad that there’s a whole lot of them that I actually never even played!

So, my hope with Project Pre-Owned is to select a game that fits either criteria:

  1. I absolutely haven’t played this game before
    1. I have developed a pretty bad attention span. Once a new game comes out, I buy it and forget all about the other game I just bought and wanted to play.
    2. Some first person games make me sick but I have some reason to believe that this might have been due to my last gaming setup. It wouldn’t hurt to give the game another try.
  2. I never finished the damn game!
    1. This one happens a lot! More times than I thought and I’m guessing happens to everyone from time to time. You buy a game and it either:
      1. Got to hard to continue and finish or,
      2. Really intended to play it with a friend who decided to play something else, or
      3. Had another bout with A.D.D and started another game.

This should be an interesting experiment, honestly. In an ideal world I would love to play through all of the abandoned games but I think I would be content to get through a majority of them…

So, coming up next is the first entry into Project Pre-Owned: Tekken 6.