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Insurgency: Old Dog, New Tricks

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Insurgency: Old Dog, New Tricks


There are tons of First Person Shooters out there. From Battlefield to Call of Duty to Halo, you have different styles all in the same genre of game. Insurgency is another first person shooter but it has a style all its own. Insurgency, a source mod now turned full standalone game, brings gameplay that will feel familiar to what you know but has its own distinct voice in a genre that is being flooded with new games every day. In one sentence: If you love shooters and you’re looking for something different, Insurgency gives you that experience for $15.

What is Insurgency?

Insurgency is a Mod that was released in 2007 for Half Life on Steam. When I started playing, I enjoyed the mod a lot. It was a free game that was just a step under the quality of Counter Strike and other first person shooters. The standalone has come even closer to the quality you want from games like Counter Strike, but it still has small flaws.

The Menu

The menu of this game made me like the game so much more; it’s matchmaking system lets you pick three generalized game modes, and then gives you all the filters you want to customize your matchmaking experience, quickly. Literally in seconds from searching through matchmaking you’re loading up into a server to play. Of course, if you want to search through the community servers you can simply look through them like any Steam multiplayer game.


Ok, you load into the server and what do you see?
You see a map and your team.

Your team is broken up into two squads of eight, with each member of a squad has a class and with each class you get different options of weapons and items. This opening screen definitely takes a note from the Battlefield series, but it feels good. After you pick your place in a squad you have to customize your kit. The kit customization is one of my favorite parts of the game. Your character gets a set amount of supply points for customization, so you have to decide what you really want to go into battle with. Your primary weapon can be customized with scopes, ammo types, silencers, and a few more customization. You can also choose to take a sidearm, explosives, armor and extra ammo. This customization makes the game really interesting, if you want some grenades you have to give up a scope or a sidearm to obtain that and vice versa.

When you actually jump into the match, the game looks great. It is running on an older engine of course (Source engine) but nonetheless it still looks up to date. All the smoke particles you could want and the aesthetic of a residential area turned battlefield. This game tries to simulate realistic battle, and it does a good job in my opinion. It only takes one or two bullets to take you down so you can’t just run out into battle (you only have one life!) but you can’t just sit there waiting for the enemy to come kill you so you have to try to move and stay in cover. The more teamwork you use, the better chances you have at winning the match, that’s a big part of the gameplay: teamwork. Another feature that I find to be great is the fact that you have no crosshair. For many players that will not make much sense, but it works out really well. Your gun sways with your mouse movement so you have to adjust your shot if you want to shoot from the hip, or you can go into iron sights or scope, but that takes a moment to adjust.

The biggest flaw I found in the game is in the game’s Push game mode. Basically, in Push, the attacking team takes points as the defending team defends points. The flaw is this: If the attacking team captures a point while defenders are still in the area, the defenders can no longer attack. It is a huge flaw in the game at the moment that needs to get fixed (hopefully in a patch) as quickly as possible. So if you’re going to play then I’d suggest playing anything but Push.

All in all it’s a great game that I would recommend for any gamer who enjoys shooters. For $15, you get a game that is big as Counter Strike that gives a different style of play.