Indie Spotlight: Thinking With Portals

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Indie Spotlight: Thinking With Portals

If you buy your Aperture Science t-shirts one size too small on purpose, wear glasses just to be trendy, and or don’t buy games made by people like Cave Johnson because they are too mainstream… and they charge money for them.
Then fear not and get to testing with these awesome indie games from or inspired by the mainstream hit Portal.

Portal 2: 12 Angry Test

It’s only been a week since the “Perpetual Testing Initiative” update for Portal 2  went live on PC and we have already seen a wealth of quality content. One of the most impressive packs thus far is 12 Angry Test by CaretCaret. This high quality series of test rooms demonstrate a Valve level quality, brilliant puzzles and a few surprises to keep you on your toes. This pack caters to old Portal 1 fans who said Portal 2’s single player puzzles were too easy and answers with some clever head scratchers that make great use of the many tools and gels introduced in Portal 2.  12 Angry Test can be downloaded through Steam Workshop for Portal 2 and is avaliable now.



Take one part Super Mario Bros, and mix Portal… then sprinkle a little Team Fortress Hats for good measure, and you get the clever indie game Mari0 by Stabyourself Games. On a basic level, it’s the original NES classic, with a portal gun, but this free game is so much more, It also includes a level editor and some included DLC made by their community, its a fun a clever distraction with some other classic game secretes to be discovered. Mari0 has already seen over 1,000,000 downloads and new additions to the level editor and online multiplayer are in the works for the future releases.