Impossible Studios Explodes into Action

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Impossible Studios Explodes into Action

Epic Games announced the grand opening of their newest addition to their development network: Impossible Studios.

Based out of Hunt Valley, Maryland, Impossible Studios has been formed and staffed with highly-skilled, senior developers from Big Huge Games. “We were so glad we could help keep this great team together, and we’re lucky to have them,” stated Epic Games’ President Dr. Michael Capps.

The first project being overseen by the fresh team is Infinity  Blade: Dungeons, a touch-based action RPG for the ios. Originally a collaborate project between Epic Games’ headquarters in Cary and ChAIR in Salt Lake City. However, it was decided that the project would be handled as Impossible Studio’s first game.

On August 31, Capps will be leading a panel at Dragon*Con. The game’s lead designer Ian Frazier will be present along with the author, Brandon Sanderson.

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