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I’m All In! – Full House Poker Review

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Let’s be honest, we were all crushed when we heard the sad news that 1 vs 100 was cancelled. It was such an amazing free online multi-player experience that anyone with a Gold XBox Live Subscription could play. It didn’t involve many skills other than knowledge of random trivia and button mashing. So, the question remains: Would anything be able to equal the fun most of us had while playing 1 vs 100? Why, yes! It’s name is Full House Poker and it’s available now on XBLA.

Similar to 1 vs 100, Full House Poker has a concept of seasons where players play through Texas Heat Tournaments earning chips and experience points in 30 minute episodes. Throughout the game you are shown highlights of your buddies in-game highs and lows. Some include when they’ve busted to the lower tier table, doubled their money and hit the jackpot by getting a Straight or higher qualifying hand. And at the end of every episode, players are rewarded with chips, experience points, metals and bonus items that they can use to towards decorating their personal poker room and in-game avatar.

However, if the thought of playing a tournament is daunting, there is loads of other modes to play. The single player mode includes a Pro-tournament section where you go head to head with the game’s computer pros for chips and experience points. Beat a pro and you can also unlock other in-game extras like cards, tables and chairs. Then you can create custom local games where you can practice against the game’s AI. Once you think you’re ready, you can head over to the multi-player section and play some player or ranked poker matches where you play against the random XBox live community. Not much to win here, other than chips and experience points.

All in all, I love this game and if you follow me on twitter, you see that I play it a lot. It’s a game that doesn’t involve much: Just you, your controller and your poker face…