HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review

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HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review

 Sound and Overall Performance


The HyperX Cloud II made full use of their 53mm drivers as sound quality is excellent throughout. The ear cups do a decent job and passively isolating sound with the leatherette pads slightly out-performing the velour ones. Sound from the outside leaks in only when the listener has their sound very very low. When it’s not, sound comes across balanced and crisp on all planes: high, mids, and lows. As the focus here appears to be on balanced sound, I didn’t detect a very deep bass here, which usually is my personal preference. But the bass was definitely present and vivid in its own right. The first time you toggle-on the 7.1 surround sound will be the last time you press that toggle button in your game session.

Once it’s on, it should stay on as the surround sound in the HyperX Cloud II was just an absolute comfort. It was not as overbearing as some virtual surround sound presentations come across, where they lean heavily on the bass. The 3D soundscape is presented well here making the surround sound setting one that deserves to be on all the time. The crisp and balanced sound coupled with the surround sound delivered in the enemy-detection department, as it should with any gaming headset.

The mic is actually VERY sensitive. One the Xbox One, connected through Xbox’s Stereo Headset Adapter, the mic picked up my most subtle breathing sounds, even when the boom was not that much near my face. This was completely corralled when we had it connected to the PC through the USB soundcard. Here’s where you start to take advantage of the in-line mic controls and digital noise-cancelling functionality. The Cloud II’s mic picked up my voice quite clearly in all our gaming scenarios. It was simply toned-back properly when connected to the soundcard. The background noise was also well-subdued and seldom, if at all, leaked into the mic’s recording.


Now to talk about HyperX Cloud II’s upgrade from the original Cloud headset, the enhanced USB DPS soundcard. The soundcard is plug and play and completely hardware driven. Just connect the Cloud II and plug it into any PC to instantly experience the full range and functionality of the Cloud II headset. The USB soundcard gives you the ability to toggle 7.1 surround sound and in-line control of your PC’s master audio output and mic recording volume.

You don’t have to alt-tab out of game to make some of the more rudimentary adjustments to your inbound and outbound sounds. Adjusting for preferred settings in Teamspeak was a breeze. Granted, you can always adjust your mic pick-up thresholds in Teamspeak options, but it’s an added bonus to be able to do that without leaving your game when you’re in a pinch. It worked as well as it should for such basic controls and was a welcomed convenience in our game sessions. Many points for practicality here.

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