HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review

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HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review

Accessories and Uses

The HyperX Cloud II comes quite well-prepared with an assortment of practical accessories. It shows here that there was a lot of consideration put into the HyperX Cloud II’s mobility. The carrying sack is of a fluffy mesh, which gives you about as much confidence as you’ll get with a carrying bag vs a hard case.


The mic is removable for when you want to use the Cloud II as a non-obtrusive mobile companion with your mobile device. Yet if you want to use it for chatting on your phone, you still can thanks to the Cloud II’s 3.5 mm jack. You’ll just have to re-connect the mic for that very purpose, which is something that I don’t see many people doing. I do like the inclusion the little cover cap for where the mic plugs in, adding just another layer of protection for your investment.


The airplane splitter is an interesting add-on for flyers that want to connect their headsets to airplane armrests with that particular input jack. This one was a bit unique and we didn’t have any flights during our 2-3 week Cloud II review period. So can’t really comment on this one. Most of the airlines we fly accept the 3.5 mm jack in either event, so it’s safe to say you’ll be able to use the Cloud II on almost any flight.

The replaceable ear cups are very much a nice-to-have as they give users the chance to get closer to their true wearing preference. They do give you a little bit of a fight to apply them, but once you find your feel, you’d most likely not change them for a while anyways. As I mentioned in “Look, Feel and Build”, either pair are quite comfortable, I would suggest that you just choose one and stick with it to avoid this very minor swapping hassle.

Good marks go out to the out-of-the-box accessories. The airplane adapter made me scratch my head a little, but that does not change the overall outlook here. The included items are all welcomed add-ons that beef up the value of your HyperX Cloud II investment. As the USB soundcard is one of the biggest improvements here, we’ll focus on that in Sound and Overall Performance.

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