HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review

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HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review

Look, Feel and Build


If you’ve seen HyperX’s first run with the Cloud gaming headset, you may see little to no difference in appearance and esthetics. But why fix or change what’s not broken, right? The HyperX Cloud II sports a sleek and lightweight design while being a sturdy unit that firmly holds onto your head. Along the top is a gentle leatherette cushion and the ear cups are, well, up to you. The Cloud II comes with two pairs of memory-foam ear cup cushions, one with a leatherette covering much like the headband’s and another of velour – a plushy fabric. All of this is held together by a strong aluminum band. Not flimsy to say the least.


This is quite the comfortable headset. Choose either ear pad as both were equally comfortable. I liked the leatherette pads more as it is simply what I’m used to. They also performed marginally better in the passive sound isolation department. In either event, while using either of the pads, the Cloud II comfort levels remained unchanged in 4-hour or more non-stop gaming and listening sessions. Each of the pads plays nice with glasses frames despite its firm grasp. The memory foam wraps around the frame and reaches the sides of your head without giving you that pinch.

Not to mention, each of the headset’s three color choices are easy on the eyes. You have the “classic” HyperX Cloud look with “Red”, a sharp more subtle “Gunmetal”, and a later-to-be-released light-n-fluffy-looking White with pink highlights. I preferred the more subtle appearance of the gunmetal HyperX Cloud II’s but that’s just me.

The build of the unit overall is solid and is all held together with an aluminum arm. You have threaded cabling to reduce snags. The cording on the USB soundcard adds further length for your desktop setups. This solid build is backed up nicely by its included accessories which is up next…

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