HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Review

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HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Review

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is the rare gaming headset that blends functionality, design and superb sound into one complete package. The headset is comprised of clean and subdued colors except for the bright splashes of the HyperX logo and rims, making for an elegant contrast. Rarely, for a gaming headset, the headset sans microphone is something that I wouldn’t feel out of place wearing in the subway, if not for the overly vivid color.

HyperX has done a lot right with the Cloud Alpha; as I mentioned, I love the design. Beyond that though, it feels very well-made and solid. It comes with a lot of padding on the ear cups, and is comfortable on the ears for quite some time.  The headband is padded as well, while still retaining enough grip to stay stable. While I prefer having my sound controls on the headset, the inline controls are still pretty convenient and useful as always for quick minor adjustments to the volume.

As for the sound department, the removable microphone is surprisingly good, although its adjustment range is a bit limited. The sound quality from the headset is even better with clarity  across the board. HyperX seems to be focusing more on the sound quality for the Cloud Alpha, playing up the dual chamber design to split out the bass, and the mid to high range. It’s a very good standalone headphone, being more than worth it for this price range. The added bonus of the microphone’s performance and its ability to perform as a headset gives it a tremendous amount of value beyond that, if you’re in the market for both.

However, some of those good qualities are also what contribute to why it isn’t perfect. While the quality of the materials is quite nice, and the padding is comfortable, that all adds to the weight. It’s a bit heavier than what I’m accustomed to, and can be a little straining on the neck after gaming for a while. Additionally, the HyperX Cloud Alpha exerts slightly too much pressure, which is good for most people, meaning that there won’t be any annoying sliding of the headset. Personally though, I tend to be more sensitive to headaches, and it required a fair amount of adjustment to get it feeling right. None of these are major issues though, being overall minor quibbles that come down to personal preference and getting your setup comfortable.

HyperX so far seems to be on a roll with providing all around quality way above their price range. With the HyperX Cloud Alpha, they’re focusing more on the audiophiles among their audience, and I have to say that I can appreciate that. At $99.99, if you play audio intensive games, simply love rocking out to your music while you’re playing, or want a great two-for-one deal, you can’t go wrong with the HyperX Cloud Alpha.

Check out the HyperX Cloud Alpha for yourself here.

HyperX Cloud Alpha headset provided by HyperX for review.