HITMAN to Arrive at the Season ONE Finale

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HITMAN to Arrive at the Season ONE Finale


HITMAN has been hitting it out of the ballpark with its amazing episodic content. The recent Episode 5: Colorado was such a thrill and joy to play. Having to sneak my way through a ransacked farm field littered with trained operatives was a suspenseful experience. I feel like IO Entertainment and Square Enix have been really fired up to take the HITMAN series to new heights. We are on the eve of Episode 6: Hokkaido as it closes HITMAN: Season 1, and hope to continue the story with further releases. Square Enix is releasing the full-disc version of Season 1 in early 2017 for those waiting to pickup up the whole game.

I’m ecstatic to know that there will be a bright future for the World of Assassination.


It’s been a wild ride since March, HITMAN offers unprecedented freedom to carry out your contracts in a multitude of ways. I welcome the newly added Elusive Target modes and Escalation Contract Modes, which add a replayability factor to the game. Elusive Targets brought ONE CHANCE ONLY, time limited contracts. Agent 47 needs to secure the kill and escape within the given time limit with barely any intel on the marked individual. If you fail, you need to wait for the next 2 days for the next target assignment. Between all the new modes and a constant stream of Escalation Contracts, HITMAN always brings you back wanting more.


The season finale for HITMAN Season One will bring about the end to the game’s story told through Episode Six: Hokkaido and the bonus episode “Situs Inversus.” HITMAN really hit the nail with the cultural diversity, and I’m glad that Japan will be touched upon and explored in this coming episode. It’s going to be a blast to discover hot springs, sushi restaurants, and zen gardens. HITMAN has been an amazing journey so far, and am glad to be exposed to it.

The thrilling conclusion for Season One arrives on 10/31/16 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

So get ready to suit up and fulfill your assignment agents!