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Say Hi to Hello Hero


At Pax Prime, we were introduced to a new mobile game targeted towards classic, turn-based online RPG enthusiasts. Originally released in South Korea, Hello Hero hit the mobile market hard in its initial launch with over 1 million downloads reaching First Place in the Apple App Store and Third in the Google Play Store. Who could blame South Korean developer Fincon for attempting to take a stab at the mobile and Facebook market in the states. Slated to launch in the US this Fall, the Free-to-Play game sports campy 3D graphics, a collection of unique modes, and over 200 characters to play with.
On the floor, we got a play-by-play on this highly-potential mobile hit coming this Fall.

As mentioned before, Hello Hero’s basic game play is turn-based with the player controlling a five man cell of campy yet unique characters. These characters level up individually as well as they fight through about 90 stages and the different modes across the planet of “Armon.” They come in different classes and can be enhanced by equipping weaponry and armor of varying rarity or by sacrificing other characters for their growth. Your characters have stamina levels and energy levels that drain throughout game play, but replenish fully overnight (a sort of “fatigue” system). Also, more stages will be continually released, adding even more fuel to the fire.

Turtle Warp Speed ThreeElvesBattle Sword Halo Angry Venus Fly Trap

The game modes include:
Mission: Your “main story”, of sorts, consisting of the aforementioned 90 stages full of enemies and bosses.
PVP: Play against friends by linking up via nicknames and gain money, experience, and bragging rights. All without depleting your energy or stamina!
Arena Battle: Register your team and fight against others in the world and see how you rank worldwide. You can play against other registered teams without the other team’s owner having to be online. Likewise, your registered team will battle other online players while you’re offline.
Dungeon: Take your team through a dungeon where each level increases in difficulty providing greater rewards for upgrading your characters.
Boss Raid: Join other players around the World in a raid as you collectively attack a “World Boss” where rewards are based on the amount of damage inflicted. “World Bosses” change once every three days and hang around for about 10 hours.

Hello_Boss Royal Arena

As it will be a Free-to-Play game, I was sure to ask if the game was burdened with ads or the infamous DRM as many of the mobile Free-to-Play MMORPG’s tend to be – It’s not! And any addicted Hello Hero players that cannot cope with the “fatigue” system in place can opt to purchase energy, stamina, and other game enhancements via micro-transactions. I also liked what I’ve seen so far in gameplay. Each character has their own animations and style and when they don’t have that bad-ass appeal, they make up for it with hilarious appearances. I mean seriously… A shark with a spear? A cactus holding a guitar whilst still rooted in a pot? A monk-like tortoise?

Be sure to check out their trailer below. If you are interested in tracking their release progress you can visit Fincon’s Facebook page here.

Hello Hero is coming soon to Android, iOS and Facebook this fall!

† Actual gameplay images and trailer provided by Fincon