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Get Spooked with Steam: Announcement, New Releases, and More!

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Get Spooked with Steam: Announcement, New Releases, and More!



Steam gets into the spirit of Halloween with tons of horror games on sale from now until November 1st. Amongst the associated titles, there are plenty of new release that will prove to be a special treat this year. You can check the full list of spooky titles on the Steam Halloween Sale page or by logging into your Steam account.

The first big treat of this season is the announcement of the long awaited sequel to Spike TV’s Video Game Awards Game of the Year: The Walking Dead. Early today Telltale announced The Walking Dead Season 2. You can view the heart-wrenching launch trailer from their web site. At the moment, not much is known about the game other than it will continue to Clementine’s story as she struggles to survive in a dying world after the events of the first game. Players will be able to play through the new episodes throughout 2014. Though the season pass is available to pre-order now for PC players via Steam for 10% off.

Now would also be a good point to mention that Telltale’s latest title, The Wolf Among Us, that we reviewed earlier is also on sale right now at 10% off unto November 1st.

SlenderSlender: The Arrival (New Release!)
Midnight City/Blue Island Studios

Slender Man has been a well known internet legend for nearly four years now. His mythos seems to be every changing as hundreds of “creepypasta” stories, still images, and alleged videos have been shared all over the globe. While not the first game Slender Man has appeared in, Slender: The Arrival is the only official video game adaption of this mysterious persona.

Written by Parsec Productions (the team behind the Marble Hornets web series) Slender: The Arrival puts you in the shoes of Laura, a young woman who unexpectedly becomes a new pawn to Slender Man. She discovers the house of her long time friend, Kate, is turned over. Desperate to locate her friend, Laura goes looking for her only to find herself falling deeper into the sadistic world that Slender Man considers home. She starts to hear voices, encounters deadly apparitions, and discovers cryptic messages that slowly unfold the truth behind Kate’s disappearance.

Slender: The Arrival is a chilling indie title with a deep, immersive environment that does feature Oculus Rift support. Not only that, but this Steam title comes packed full of goodies. Players can track their stats and compete against one another on the leaderboards. Not only that but it does feature achievements to unlock and trading cards to collect. Cloud saving and full controller support enhance the game making this a very nifty game that will give you a good thrill at a very affordable price. Slender: The Arrival is on sale for $7.99 on Steam until November 4th as a launch promotion, meaning that even after the Halloween Sale ends, you can still snag it.


Red Barrels

Outlast scared us at PAX East earlier this spring and it has been getting a lot of attention from Conan O’Brien. Originally released on September 4, you play as a freelance journalist, Miles Upshur. The Mount Massive Asylum was shut down sometime ago, but the abandon building as been reopened by for “research and charity”. The work done within its walls has been kept under tight secrecy until Miles receives a tip that something horrifying is happening behind its closed doors. With the story of a lifetime so close, he cannot help but go and check it out only to discover that something behind terrifying is going on. Now he is trapped inside with something else and has no choice but to run for his life.

Focusing heavily on true horror, Outlast is one of those games that does not give you a weapon and focuses heavily on hiding and sneaking over combat to survive. It has some very interesting gameplay mechanics that makes it feel fresh and helps set it apart from other horror titles. Red Barrels also announced today that the team has begun working on future DLC for the title. A new protagonist and storyline giving you another perspective on the Mount Massive Asylum is in works; as soon as we get more details, we will be sure to pass them on to you.

Those of you who have not picked up Outlast yet get an extra bonus if you take advantage of the current Steam sale. Not only can you get a copy of the game for 33%, but you will also get the soundtrack for free.




Deadly Premonition (New Release!)
Rising Star Games

Known as The Room of video games, Deadly Premonition is a beloved cult classic that after much demand and hopes has made it to the PC via Steam Greenlight. The quirkiness of the game may come off as strange, but that is what gives the title its charm.

You play as Francis York Morgan (call him York), a special agent sent to investigate the grisly murder of a young woman in a remote mountainous town of Greenvale. While staying in the town, it will be his duty to solve the countless serial kills in a town with a dark, supernatural secret. Not to mention the crazed Raincoat Killer is out to put an end to York before he discovers too much.

Deadly Premonition is one of those games that you need to experience to truly get its magic. It is not a triple A title, but it is going to entertain you. The Director’s Cut is on sale for 10% off until November 1st. It comes with a new scenario by the director, additional content, improved combat, and enhanced HD graphics. Sadly, there is no gamepad support – at least not yet. Perhaps in the future an option to use a gamepad may get added.