Gears of War 5 Versus Tech Test This Weekend & E3 Escape Gameplay

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Gears of War 5 Versus Tech Test This Weekend & E3 Escape Gameplay

Gears of War 5 Versus Tech Test, Bootcamp and Tour of Duty

Are you excited about Gears of War 5?! We’re excited about Gears of War 5!

This week, there are all sorts of happenings going on for the latest addition to the acclaimed franchise. The most important event for fans this week is of course the first of two technical test periods of the Gears of War 5 Versus Tech Test, running from July 19, 10AM PDT (1PM ET) until July 22, 10AM PDT. The second technical test period will run from July 26, 10AM PDT to July 29, 10AM PDT. During these periods, fans will get to help with testing by battling each other in any of these three available modes: Escalation, King of the Hill and Arcade.

Arcade is a new versus mode, with two 5-man teams racing to get to 50 kills. Kills grant players better weaponry, with hero characters having their own distinct abilities and weapon upgrade paths.

Outside of PVP, the Gears 5 Versus Tech Test will also feature Bootcamp and Tour of Duty. In Bootcamp, you can brush up on your Gears play as well as learn new Gears of War 5 mechanics.

In Tour of Duty, you get to complete Challenges to earn medals, exclusive Tester Weapon Skins, and possibly a Tester Banner to take into the full release of Gears of War 5.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can access and pre-download the Tech Test now. Xbox players can acquire it from the Game Pass Library while PC players can get it from the Window Store. You can learn more about the Gear of War 5 Versus Tech Test from their FAQ page here.

E3 2019 Escape Mode Gameplay

While we are talking about Gears of War 5, let’s not forget their introduction of yet another new mode, Escape. The new Escape Mode features a squad of three COG soldiers that invade a Locust Hive to destroy it from the inside-out. The COG soldiers let themselves get swallowed up by Locust snatchers, who then leave them encased in pods at a Locust Hive. After playing possum, the three then break out of their pods and activate a timed anti-Locust bomb, leaving it at the center of the Hive base. The three COGS then need to fight their way out of the Hive, locking the Locust in with their now-deployed COGS “gift”.

The game mode plays as a sort of a Horde mode in motion, where you have to fight against continuously approaching enemies while outrunning the effects of the very bomb you set off. Each player picks from one of three specialized “Hive BusterCOG soldiers.

Lahni – The scout, armed with an electroblade that stuns and shocks melee’d enemies

Keegan – The support, with the ability to drop ammo supplies for the squad

Mac – The tank, with the ability to deploy a front-facing shield the moves along with him

You have to play as a team as you try to make your way out of the doomed Hive, taking a break at Safe Rooms in the middle of play. In the Safe Room, you get to restock some of your ammo and take a short breather before getting back into the fray.

I personally liked my time with the new Gears 5 Escape Mode at E3. It had nice little pace of play to it, although I wish the characters’ ultimate abilities cooled down a bit faster. Of course, I’m speaking mostly for Keegan here, considering how he simply drops ammo and slightly more frequent ammo drops don’t seem to be game-breaking here. Of course, this was an early demo, so I treated it as a wait-and-see.

You can keep track of all Gears of War 5 progress yourself on their website here!

Also, special thanks to Boored@Work for hosting our E3 gameplay footage!

† Game trailers used from Gears 5 landing page. Game screenshots taken from Xbox Media Wire