Gearbox Showcases Battleborn at E3

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Gearbox Showcases Battleborn at E3




Looking for an FPS co-op experience where you can customize your character and have many options to choose from? If you liked what Gearbox did with Borderlands, then you should look into their next game, Battleborn. Battleborn is a fast-paced co-op experience giving you 25 unique characters to choose from. Not a fan of character-grinding? Worry not as you’ll be able to fully complete a character’s skill chart progression in a single mission or story match. At E3, RFMag got some hands-on time with this PS4, Xbox One and PC title that encourages you to “try them all!”


The story of Battleborn takes place in a universe where all solar systems but one have been consumed by an unknown darkness. Factions fight for resources within the last remaining solar system of Solus. Now the heroes of those factions have banded together to fight off this mysterious dark enemy. You play as the individual heroes of those very factions as you customize your unique skill set to set up your character to suit your style of gameplay.


Battleborn doesn’t use a skill-tree progression as seen in Borderlands and many other games. Battleborn utilizes a slightly more linear helix tree where players choose between two perks/benefits at each level gained. With the large roster of characters, the fast completion of growth with each character is a welcomed touch. In the E3 demo, we leveled up close to once every two minutes. And thanks to that, we also got to see what made our characters so special.

The game play has a similar feel to that of Borderlands in respect to how the action plays throughout. The pace started off about the same while the amount of enemies on screen and overall chaos quickly amped up. Co-op is definitely the way to go since you can appreciate your teammates individual skills as waves and waves of enemies are tossed at you with minimal interruption. The physics feels about the same as Borderlands as well. A toss of Boldur’s axe had felt like that came right out of Krieg’s hand. Boldur even played sort of like Krieg, if Krieg had a shield and never shot a gun. Very Gearbox-y indeed.

The graphics are expectedly in a different plane all together. Here is a very vibrant current-gen presentation of a colorful world, full of very defined characters, intricate and large enemies, and lots of violence. The heroes themselves are also colorful in character, spouting out all kinds of campy banter as they shoot and/or bash their way through enemies.

From what we’ve seen so far, there is much to be excited for once Battleborn lands. Take the cooperative play of Borderlands that we loved and put it into an even more action-packed and uplifting setting. The 25 character roster makes it just that much more interesting, adding depth and personality. We eagerly wait its arrival, coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC in the winter of 2015. Check out more for yourself at Battleborn.com