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Gamescom 2012: Press Conference Highlights

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Gamescom 2012: Press Conference Highlights

Today was a day jam packed with news that one would have hoped would have been announced way back in June from E3. New IPs and exclusive console features highlighted each and every press conference I watched today. From being able to use your Vita in new an interactive ways with your PS3, to even allowing offline interactions affect your online or console game, and even unveiling a whole new IP, this year’s Gamescom definitely highlighted something we have known for a very long time: E3 is completely useless when it comes to announcing anything of relevance. Which is fine because Gamescom has brought us a bunch of goodies that we can definitely salivate on.

First up, let’s check out what everyone is raving about from Capcom: Remember Me.

Developed by Paris based DONTNOD Entertainment, Remember Me is a third person action adventure game  for PlayStation®3 system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, and Windows PC, published by Capcom and scheduled for release in May 2013.

In Remember Meplayers assume the role of Nilin, an elite memory hunter who is not only incredibly athletic and trained in martial arts, but also has the special ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even change their memories. When her own memory is erased, Nilin begins her journey to reclaim her identity and discover how she can change the world.

— From Official Capcom Press Release

Just from watching the video, I bet you’re intrigued to learn more and will definitely be looking forward to picking up Remember Me when it hits shelves in 2013.

Now onto the Sony press conference which featured more than a few things that everyone should take note of. First, and I’m not sure if I’ve actually talked about it here or only Twitter but Sony might be the only ones that are truly trying to ensure that we are able to keep gaming on any device we currently own. They are expanding their Playstation Certified line to include Asus and Wikipad while even expanding them out to Android devices as well. And if that wasn’t enough, Sony also expanded their Playstation Plus service to the Vita and even introduced “Cross Buy”, a service intended to allow certain Vita games to be playable on the PS3. Seriously, I don’t own either but I’m on the edge of running out and finally grabbing myself a Vita. (I can’t right now, don’t have the extra cash but will start saving pennies!) What has bothered me, and probably others, since Vita’s launch was the fact that the system’s game lineup read like the PS3s and it’s hard for most of us to keep up. You either buy one system and it’s games and hardly ever buy titles for all. We have to be realistic. Some of us can’t afford to buy games for both a console and a handheld but now if you automatically get one game by buying another I can’t see why more people wouldn’t be excited about this. Since CES, Sony has been raising the flag of inter-connectivity. It’s today that we finally see that Sony is willing to drop their proprietary past and venture out to devices that every gamer has. But then again, this might be the savvy techie in me that is excited for not only saving money but also being able to build my gaming library no matter the device.

However, if that wasn’t enough, Sony showcased something that definitely looks to take a direct aim at Nintendo’s Wii U. On stage was a playable version of Little Big Planet 2 which used the Vita as an additional controller that took full advantage of it’s fancy tactile features. Thus allowing the player to either jump, place blocks or even interact with obstacles on screen to clear a way for Sackboy. Nintendo hasn’t done good job showcasing any of the innovative features that make some us believe that the Wii U would be a compelling game device but Sony has definitely taken note.  Now that I have gotten your attention, why not check out the entire conference video below:

Video streaming by Ustream

And finally, while EA was trying to showcase their Origins service FIFA 13 stole the show for me which is weird for someone that doesn’t follow Football, or rather Soccer for us in the United States.

Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that EA SPORTS™ has developed a new feature for FIFA Soccer 13 called EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day that will drive the deepest and most meaningful connection yet between a videogame and the real world of sport ever achieved. FIFA Soccer 13 and the real-world soccer season will be completely connected for the world’s top leagues. EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day will drive real-world news ripped from the headlines around the world into FIFA Soccer 13. Real-world drama such as injuries, suspensions, team form, and media gossip will be reflected through in-game commentary and play out in-game.

“This is a huge technological innovation that will make every match feel like a seamless extension of the headlines ripped from the sports pages around the world,” said David Rutter, Executive Producer of FIFA Soccer 13. “There is nothing bigger in the world of sports than match day. It brings together the emotions, passion and drama of the world’s sport for players, pundits, managers and fans alike. We are going to capture that experience and bring it to life in-game.”

Through EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day, fans will be following the heartbeat of soccer and their favourite club. Real-world fixtures and upcoming clashes of their favourite club in the top leagues will enable them to play right along with the beats of the season. Player form—displayed in detail within the team management screens—will change frequently, so players in form, or players struggling to keep form, will see their stats change throughout the season based on their real-world performances. Plus, Games of the Week will highlight the top global matchups for fans to enjoy.

EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day will be available for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system, and PC, and will be included in a FIFA Soccer 13 demo for all three platforms that will launch around the world on September 11.

— From Official EA Press Release

And for your viewing pleasure, I have included the video of the press conference below.

So what did you guys think? What were duds or studs?