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River City: Knights of Justice Review (Nintendo 3DS)

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River City: Knights of Justice Review (Nintendo 3DS)

River City: Knights of Justice is a small digital title from the River City / Kunio series of games have been coming out as of late. It’s a straight-forward dive into the side scrolling brawler script that the series is known for. It’s chock full of the familiar pudgy character sprites that you’ve see in other River City / Kunio games. Except here, all of the familiar characters have medieval personas to match with the medieval theme of the games new setting, the kingdom of Riverandia.

Setting and Appearance

Riverandia is currently in peril, the Crystal Tower is enveloped in darkness, towns are being attacked, and Princess Cynthia has gone missing. Legends start to spread about a knight who is set out to right the wrongs and bring justice and prosperity back to Riverandia. In River City: Knights of Justice, you play as that knight, Alexander Valford, designed as a play on the original Alex character of the same face from River City Ransom. You side scroll from place to place, bashing baddies, speaking to villagers, buying skills and gear, and collecting and completing quests.

The game seems to be fully aware of its own campiness, which is pleasant. Everyone speaks in what can only be described as “Ye old English”. Much of the banter for some of the quests and confrontations are refreshing comical. A very early-on request has you going to the graveyard to calm down some rowdy ghosts, who of course attack you because they wanted to preserve their right to party. The game takes itself a little more seriously when it comes to the main story missions, most likely in efforts to add more tension to those important fights.

Throughout the story, you get chances to recruit all sorts of characters, provided that your party is not full. In some instances, the story would tack on addition members to your party if they were needed to progress the main story further. For the most part, the option of wether to allow their accompaniment or not was up to you, with specific party members putting a twist on the story if some criteria is met. That added a nice little spice to the whole ally selection process for the player, as you would wonder if you should trust who you’re recruiting or not.

Overall, the atmosphere of River City: Knights of Justice is a nice little blend of adventure and comedy, which kept things upbeat.

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